Dr. Ana Sevilla-Pavón, Computer-assisted Language Learning, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at Universitat de València, Spain

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Dr. Ana Sevilla-Pavón is an Associate Professor at Universitat de València and a researcher at IULMA. Her expertise includes computer-assisted language learning, gender equality in education, and global citizenship. She has led national and international projects and authored multiple English Massive Open Online Courses.


Ana Sevilla-Pavón earned her PhD in [Field] from [University]. Her doctoral research focused on [brief description of research focus]. She has a strong academic background complemented by [any notable academic achievements or distinctions]. Her educational journey has equipped her with the expertise to lead research initiatives and contribute significantly to her field.

Professional Experience

Ana Sevilla-Pavón is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of English and German Philology at Universitat de València and a researcher at IULMA. With a career spanning [number] years, she has held leadership roles in coordinating the English Philology Area and the Teaching Unit of English for Specific Purposes within her department. She has led numerous national, regional, and international projects, including iTECLA and YES3D, focusing on [mention specific focus areas]. Her professional contributions extend to authoring multiple English Massive Open Online Courses and publishing extensively in prominent academic journals. Dr. Sevilla-Pavón’s expertise and leadership have significantly advanced research and education in her field.

Research Interests

Dr. Ana Sevilla-Pavón’s research interests are centered around several key areas in education and linguistics. She specializes in computer-assisted language learning, exploring innovative methodologies to enhance language acquisition. Her work also addresses gender equality in education, advocating for inclusive practices and empowering educational environments. Additionally, she investigates global citizenship education, aiming to foster intercultural understanding and solidarity among students. Dr. Sevilla-Pavón’s research contributes to advancing these fields through a combination of theoretical insights and practical applications, reflected in her extensive publication record and leadership in international research projects.


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Ana Sevilla-Pavón | Computer-assisted Language Learning | Best Researcher Award

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