Ms. Esmee Verheul - Metabolites and Lipoproteins - Best Researcher Award 

Leiden University Medical Center - Netherlands

Author Profile

Early Academic Pursuits

Ms. Esmee A.H. Verheul embarked on her medical journey in 2017 at the prestigious Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), one of the Netherlands' leading institutions in medical education and research. Her initial focus was on acquiring a robust foundation in medicine, which quickly evolved into a specialized interest in trauma surgery. By September 2020, she was deeply immersed in her master’s thesis within the Trauma Surgery department, investigating the crucial role of metabolites and vitamins in assessing the nutritional status of hospitalized patients. This period marked her first significant academic output, resulting in two published articles in reputable journals and presentations at major European surgical congresses.

Professional Endeavors and Research Focus On Metabolites and Lipoproteins

Following her master’s thesis, Esmee progressed to medical internships in September 2021 while continuing her research as a part-time PhD student. Her transition to a full-time PhD student came in April 2024 after earning her Master's degree in Medicine. During her internships, she further expanded her research portfolio, focusing on malnutrition in polytrauma patients—a group uniquely susceptible due to the hypermetabolic states post-injury. Her work has significantly contributed to understanding how malnutrition impacts recovery and hospital outcomes in these patients.

Contributions and Research Impact

Ms. Esmee has completed six research projects, with a total project funding of $44,500, demonstrating significant dedication and capability in handling funded research. Her findings underscore the prevalence of malnutrition among well-nourished polytrauma patients, which spikes significantly during their ICU stay and hospitalization. By identifying potential biomarkers such as lipoproteins, small metabolites, and CT-derived body composition parameters, her research offers new avenues for early diagnosis and nutritional intervention, aiming to enhance clinical outcomes and reduce hospital stay durations.

Accolades and Recognition

While still early in her career, Esmee has achieved notable academic and professional milestones. She has contributed to five conference presentations and published two journal articles indexed in SCI and SCIE, reflecting her active engagement with the scientific community. Her work has been recognized through her presentations at prestigious platforms such as the European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery and the Annual Meeting of the Dutch Surgical Society.

Impact and Influence

Esmee's research is poised to influence clinical practices and policies regarding nutritional management in trauma surgery. Her insights into the malnutrition prevalent among polytrauma patients and the identification of biomarkers for nutritional assessment are critical contributions to the field. These findings have the potential to shift how nutritional support is integrated into patient care protocols, ultimately improving recovery outcomes and reducing complications associated with malnutrition.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking forward, Esmee is committed to continuing her research in trauma surgery, with a strong emphasis on improving patient outcomes through better nutritional strategies. Her ongoing PhD research and future studies will likely provide further critical data needed to refine and optimize treatment protocols for polytrauma patients. As she progresses in her career, Esmee's work is expected to form a significant part of her legacy in the field of trauma surgery—improving patient care through rigorous research and innovation.

In summary, Ms. Esmee A.H. Verheul stands out as a dedicated researcher and emerging leader in trauma surgery. Her academic and professional journey reflects a deep commitment to addressing complex medical challenges through innovative research. With her continued focus on malnutrition in polytrauma patients, Esmee is set to make lasting contributions to medical research and patient care.

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Esmee Verheul – Metabolites and Lipoproteins – Best Researcher Award 

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