Prof Dr Francisco Javir Alvaro Afonso - Complutense University of Madrid - Spain 

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Early Academic Pursuits

Prof Dr.Francisco Javier Álvaro Afonso began his academic journey by obtaining a Degree in Pharmacy in 2001, setting the foundation for his subsequent specialization in healthcare. This initial academic milestone laid the groundwork for his future pursuits in podiatry and healthcare research.

Professional Endeavors

Over the years,  Prof Dr. Francisco has expanded his professional expertise by earning a Degree in Podiatrist in 2008 and an Official Postgraduate Master in “Healthcare Research” in 2010. His dedication to the field is further exemplified by his completion of a Doctorate in Podiatrist from Complutense University of Madrid in 2013, focusing on the diagnosis of diabetic foot osteomyelitis. Currently, he serves as a full-time professor at Complutense University of Madrid and holds a deputy position in the Diabetic Foot Unit at the University's Podiatric Clinic.

Contributions and Research Focus

Prof Dr. Francisco's research focus revolves around the Diabetic Foot field, specifically examining the "Interobserver variability of probe-to bone test and X-rays in the diagnosis of diabetic foot osteomyelitis." His contributions extend beyond academia, as evidenced by his membership in the Interdisciplinary Diabetic Foot Study Group attached to the Health Research Institute of Clínico San Carlos Hospital (IdISSC), Madrid, Spain.

Accolades and Recognition

Prof Dr. Francisco Javier Álvaro Afonso has garnered recognition for his scholarly contributions, boasting an h-index of 19. His work is widely cited, as indicated by his profiles on Google Scholar and Scopus. These accolades underscore his impact on the field and highlight his commitment to advancing healthcare research.

Impact and Influence

Through his multifaceted roles in academia and healthcare,  Prof Dr. Francisco has made a significant impact on the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot conditions. His research has not only contributed to the academic community but also influenced clinical practices, emphasizing the importance of accurate diagnostic methods and interprofessional collaboration.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As  Prof Dr. Francisco continues to dedicate himself to the Diabetic Foot field, his legacy is shaping future generations of healthcare professionals and researchers. His comprehensive approach to research, teaching, and clinical practice sets a benchmark for excellence, paving the way for innovative solutions and advancements in diabetic foot care. Looking ahead, Francisco's contributions are expected to extend beyond his current endeavors, leaving a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape.



Francisco Javir Alvaro Afonso – Diabetic Foot – Best Researcher Award

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