Jinha Lee - Cluster analysis/Insect food market segmentation - Women Researcher Award

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Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Jinha Lee began his academic journey at Korea University, Seoul, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Nursing in 2003. His interest then shifted towards the realm of tourism sciences, leading him to pursue a Master's degree from Kyonggi University, Seoul, focusing on Dining Environment Design (Foodservice Space Design Art) in 2006. His academic pursuits further culminated in a Ph.D. from the same university in 2010, delving deeper into the intricacies of dining environment design. Later, in 2020, Dr. Lee earned another Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Management with a minor in Statistics.

Professional Endeavors

With a robust academic foundation, Dr. Lee ventured into the professional world, taking on roles that blended research, education, and industry expertise. He served as an Assistant Manager and Consulting Manager at the Korea F&B Business Research Center from 2003 to 2014, where he managed and contributed to various restaurant projects across different countries. His industry experience was further enriched when he assumed academic roles as an Assistant Professor at Baekseok Culture University and Indiana Wesleyan University. Dr. Lee's expertise also expanded into curriculum development, evident from his curriculum developer role at Malone University in 2023.

Contributions and Research Focus

Dr. Lee's academic and professional journey is marked by significant contributions to the fields of Food & Wellness Research. His research interests span diverse areas, including Dining Environment Design, Multisensory Marketing, Sustainability, Health/Wellness, and Tourism, and Technology and Data Analytics. His numerous publications in esteemed journals, such as the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science and the Journal of Marketing Communications, reflect his dedication to advancing knowledge in these domains.

Accolades and Recognition

Dr. Jinha Lee's contributions have not gone unnoticed. His research endeavors have earned recognition in various academic forums and journals. Notably, his publications in esteemed journals like IEEE and the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science highlight the quality and impact of his work. These accolades underscore his commitment to excellence and innovation in research.

Impact and Influence

Dr. Lee's work has had a profound impact on academia, industry, and society at large. Through his research, he has explored the intricate nuances of dining experience, multisensory marketing, and sustainable practices in the hospitality and tourism sectors. His findings and insights have provided valuable perspectives for industry professionals, educators, and policymakers, shaping practices and strategies in these domains.

Legacy and Future Contributions On Cluster analysis/Insect food market segmentation

As Dr. Lee continues to make strides in his academic and professional journey, his legacy is characterized by excellence, innovation, and dedication to advancing knowledge in Food & Wellness Research. His multifaceted expertise, spanning research, education, and industry engagement, positions him as a thought leader in the hospitality, tourism, and wellness sectors. Moving forward, Dr. Lee's future contributions are anticipated to further enrich these fields, fostering innovation, sustainability, and excellence.



Jinha Lee – Cluster analysis/Insect food market segmentation – Women Researcher Award

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