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Dr. Maria Jesús Grilló, Sanidad Animal, Best Researcher Award 

Doctorate at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas/ Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain

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Dr. María Jesús Grilló is a renowned scientist specializing in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health. With extensive experience in research, particularly in the field of Brucellosis, she has made significant contributions to understanding the transmission, diagnosis, and prevention of this disease. Her expertise extends to molecular microbiology, with a focus on host-pathogen interactions. Currently affiliated with the Instituto de Agrobiotecnología (IdAB) at the Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), her dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting animal welfare is evident in her various roles within research and ethics committees.


  • Veterinary Degree:
    • Institution: Facultad de Veterinaria, Universidad de Zaragoza
    • Specialization: Medicine and Animal Health
    • Year of Graduation: 1993
  • Doctoral Studies:
    • Program: Molecular Microbiology
    • Institution: Facultad de Veterinaria, Universidad de Zaragoza
    • Year of Graduation: 1997

Professional Experience:

With a career spanning over two decades, Dr. Grilló has held key positions in academia and research institutions. Notable roles include her tenure as Director and Vice-Director of the Instituto de Agrobiotecnología (CSIC-UPNa-Government of Navarra), where she demonstrated strong leadership in research management. She has also served as a consultant and member of ethics committees, highlighting her commitment to ethical research practices and animal welfare.

Research Interest :

Dr. Grilló’s research interests primarily revolve around Brucellosis, a zoonotic disease of global significance. Her work encompasses various aspects of Brucella spp., including transmission dynamics, host immune responses, and vaccine development. Additionally, her expertise extends to other areas of microbiology, with a focus on understanding bacterial pathogenesis and developing novel therapeutic interventions. Through her research, Dr. Grilló aims to contribute to the prevention and control of infectious diseases, ultimately improving both animal and human health.

By consolidating these details, Dr. María Jesús Grilló emerges as a distinguished scientist dedicated to advancing veterinary medicine through rigorous research, ethical practice, and a profound commitment to animal welfare.

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Maria Jesús Grilló |Sanidad Animal | Best Researcher Award

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