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Prof. Nassima Amal Mokhtari SoulImane, Physiopathology Diabetes, Best Researcher Award

professor at University of Tlemcen, Algeria


Prof. Nassima Amal Mokhtari-Soulimane is a distinguished Professor of Physiopathology and Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Tlemcen, Algeria. With a rich academic background and extensive research experience, she specializes in metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases, along with a focus on nutrition and health. Her expertise includes conducting animal experiments to investigate the preventive and therapeutic roles of nutrition and bioactive molecules, particularly polyphenols, in combating these diseases. Prof. Mokhtari-Soulimane has a strong publication record in international journals and has actively contributed to various research projects both nationally and internationally.


  • 2013: Habilitation, HDR, University of Tlemcen
  • 2008: Habilitation, University of Tlemcen
  • 2007: PhD in Physiopathology and Nutritional Biochemistry, University of Tlemcen
  • 2001: Magister in Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Tlemcen
  • 1997: D.E.S in Microbiology

Professional Experience:

Prof. Nassima Amal Mokhtari-Soulimane has held various significant positions throughout her career, showcasing her expertise and leadership in academia. She currently serves as the Dean of the Faculty of SNV/STU at the University of Tlemcen, where she provides strategic direction and oversees the academic and administrative functions of the faculty. Prior to her deanship, she held the role of Head of Post-Graduation of Food Sciences, where she played a pivotal role in shaping post-graduate programs in the field of food sciences. Prof. Mokhtari-Soulimane has also been actively involved in academic governance, serving as a Scientific Council Member and President of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Biology at the University of Tlemcen. Her commitment to academic excellence is further demonstrated through her involvement in various committees, including the Committee Member of Doctoral Formation (CFD) LMD. With a strong background in teaching, research, and administration, Prof. Mokhtari-Soulimane has made significant contributions to the advancement of education and research in the field of physiopathology and nutritional biochemistry.

Research Interest :

Prof. Nassima Amal Mokhtari-Soulimane’s research interests lie at the intersection of physiopathology, nutritional biochemistry, and metabolic diseases. With a primary focus on metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases, she investigates the intricate relationship between nutrition and health outcomes. Her research delves into the preventive and therapeutic potential of dietary interventions and bioactive compounds in managing these diseases. Particularly, Prof. Mokhtari-Soulimane explores the role of polyphenols, free radicals, and oxidative stress biomarkers in disease progression and intervention strategies. Through innovative animal experiments, she seeks to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the impact of nutrition on physiological processes and disease pathogenesis. Her work contributes to a deeper understanding of how dietary factors influence metabolic health and holds promise for the development of novel therapeutic approaches to combat metabolic diseases.

Nassima Amal Mokhtari SoulImane | Physiopathology Diabetes | Best Researcher Award

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