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Johns Hopkins University/King’s College London - United States 

Author Profile

Early Academic Pursuits

Pyar J. Seth embarked on an academic journey that reflects a multidisciplinary and intersectional approach to the study of Anthropology and Political Science. Starting with a Magna Cum Laude BA in Film Studies, Political Science, and Social Theory from Trinity University in 2019, Seth continued to pursue higher education, ultimately earning an MA in Anthropology and Political Science from Johns Hopkins University in 2022.

Professional Endeavors

Seth expanded their academic horizons as a Visiting Research Scholar at King’s College London, delving into the realms of History, Science, Technology, and Medicine. This international exposure enriched their research perspectives, leading to a robust academic foundation.

Contributions and Research Focus

Pyar J. Seth has significantly contributed to the fields of Black Studies, Historical and Medical Anthropology, and Postcolonial Studies. The depth of their research spans various themes, including Actuarialism, Black Thought, Discourse, Empire, Life and Death, Hip Hop, Medical Humanities, Policing, Racial Violence, and Subject Formation.

Accolades and Recognition

Seth's dedication and scholarly achievements have been acknowledged through numerous fellowships and awards, such as the Latin America, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies Research Fellowship, the National Science Foundation Rituals in the Making Graduate Research Fellowship, and the Mellon Foundation Black Beyond Data Graduate Research Fellowship, among others.

Impact and Influence

Pyar J. Seth has made impactful contributions to academia, evident through selected peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and public scholarship. Their work on Hip Hop, Black Feminist Approaches, and the intersection of community health with cultural figures like Nipsey Hussle has garnered attention and acclaim.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Seth's commitment to addressing historical injustices is evident in their work on the digital archive "Underwriting Souls," exploring the role of insurance in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Additionally, ongoing projects like "A Wayward Method" and "Death-Bound" promise to continue shaping critical conversations in Anthropology, Political Science, and beyond.

In conclusion, Pyar J. Seth's academic journey is characterized by a commitment to intersectionality, a focus on social justice, and a dedication to uncovering hidden histories. Their research, accolades, and ongoing projects position them as a scholar making significant contributions to multiple fields.

Pyar Seth – Interdisciplinary Data Insights – Excellence in Research 

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