Prof. Rabea Asleh - Cardiology and cardiovascular research - Best Researcher Award 

Hadassah University Medical Center - Israel

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Early Academic Pursuits

Prof. Rabea Asleh's academic journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a passion for understanding the intricate mechanisms underlying cardiovascular diseases. Beginning with his Bachelor's degree in Medical Science from the Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, Prof. Asleh demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, graduating summa cum laude. His thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology, where he delved into the complexities of diabetic cardiovascular disease under the guidance of Professor Andrew P. Levy. This phase culminated in a groundbreaking thesis elucidating the mechanisms behind the interaction between the haptoglobin polymorphism and diabetic cardiovascular disease, accompanied by a prolific publication record.

Professional Endeavors

Prof. Asleh's professional journey has been marked by a commitment to advancing cardiovascular medicine through clinical practice, research, and education. Following his postdoctoral fellowship at the Laboratory of Vascular Medicine, Technion Faculty of Medicine, he embarked on a journey of medical training, including residencies and fellowships in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Advanced Heart Failure, and Interventional Cardiology. Notably, he honed his expertise at prestigious institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Hospital, acquiring comprehensive skills in clinical care and research methodologies.

Contributions and Research Focus

Prof. Asleh's research interests encompass a wide array of topics crucial to understanding and managing cardiovascular diseases. His investigations range from elucidating the role of gut microbiota in heart failure pathogenesis to exploring mechanisms of myocardial inflammation and heart failure development. Noteworthy areas of focus include cardiac allograft vasculopathy, cardiovascular disease in malignancy (cardio-oncology), and the interplay between diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular health. His pioneering work on haptoglobin genotype and HDL dysfunction has significantly contributed to our understanding of cardiovascular risk stratification.

Accolades and Recognition

Prof. Asleh's contributions to cardiovascular medicine have garnered widespread recognition and acclaim. He has received numerous awards and honors, including the National Wolf Prize for Excellence in Research and the Melvin L. Marcus Young Investigator Award from the American Heart Association. His research grants from prestigious institutions such as the Israel Science Foundation and AstraZeneca underscore the significance of his work and its potential impact on patient care.

Impact and Influence

Prof. Asleh's research has left an indelible mark on the field of cardiovascular medicine, shaping clinical practice and guiding future research endeavors. His discoveries have not only advanced our understanding of disease mechanisms but also paved the way for the development of novel therapeutic interventions aimed at improving patient outcomes.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As a dedicated clinician-scientist and educator, Prof. Asleh's legacy extends beyond his research accomplishments. His mentorship of medical students and involvement in academic activities exemplify his commitment to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. Moving forward, Prof. Asleh remains poised to make further breakthroughs in cardiovascular medicine, leveraging his expertise and passion to address unmet clinical needs and drive innovation in the field.


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Rabea Asleh – Cardiology and cardiovascular research – Best Researcher Award 

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