Dr sabrine ayed - Finance - Best Researcher Award

EMLV business school - France 

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Early Academic Pursuits

I began my academic journey with a Master's degree in management science with a focus on Finance at the University of Sousse, graduating with honors in 2016. Subsequently, I pursued a Doctor of Philosophy in Finance at the University of Côte d'Azur from 2017 to 2020. Under the guidance of Professor Mohamed Arouri, my research focused on the intersection of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and market efficiency.

Professional Endeavors

After completing my doctoral studies, I ventured into academia, taking on roles that allowed me to blend research and teaching. Notably, I have been serving as an Assistant Professor of Finance at EMLV- Ecole de Management Leonard De Vinci since May 2021. Prior to that, I worked as a University Lecturer at SHG Nice, International Hospitality, and Business School, teaching Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting.

I also contributed as a Temporary Lecturer at the Institute of Business Administration (IAE) of Nice, covering Portfolio Management, Research Methodology, and Derivatives at both Bachelor and Master levels. Additionally, I lectured on Financial Analysis at The University of Law and Political Sciences of Nice and Management Science at the University of Sousse.

Contributions and Research Focus

My research interests lie at the intersection of finance and sustainability, with a particular emphasis on climate risk and market efficiency. Notable publications include articles such as "Does Corporate Social Responsibility reduce earnings management? The moderating role of governance and ownership" and "Are CSR companies harder to arbitrage?" published in International Management.

I have also contributed to research on the impact of war on cryptocurrency markets in collaboration with Mohamed Arouri, Mathieu Gomes, and Adel Barguellil. Another significant piece explores the relationship between LGBT discrimination and harassment, firm value, and reputation repair.

Accolades and Recognition

My dedication to research and academia has been recognized through various awards. Notably, I received the University Côte d’Azur Best PhD thesis award, the Young Researcher award of the City of Nice, and the 2021 ANACOFI PhD thesis award. Additionally, I was honored with the Best Paper award at the BAFA conference in Dubai in 2023.

Impact and Influence

My research has contributed to the understanding of CSR, market efficiency, and the broader implications of financial decisions on societal and environmental aspects. The recognition received through awards underscores the significance and impact of my work in the academic community.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As I continue to build my career as a University Professor and Researcher, I aim to further explore the dynamic relationship between finance and sustainability. My commitment to rigorous research, combined with effective teaching methodologies, reflects my vision of leaving a lasting legacy in the field. I aspire to inspire future generations of students and contribute meaningfully to the ongoing discourse in finance and sustainability.

Notable Publication

sabrine ayed – Finance – Best Researcher Award

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