Ms. Shilpa Mishra - Power system design  - Best Researcher Award 

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Early Academic Pursuits

Ms Shilpa Mishra embarked on her academic journey with a strong foundation in electrical engineering, completing her Bachelor's degree from United College of Engineering & Research, Allahabad, under UPTU, Lucknow. Her academic excellence is evident from her consistently high scores throughout her educational journey, including a Gold Medal in her M.E. (Control & Instrumentation) from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Additionally, she has showcased her versatility by pursuing a Senior Diploma in Kathak, a classical dance form, alongside her technical education. These early academic pursuits reflect her commitment to both technical expertise and personal growth.

Professional Endeavors

Ms Shilpa's professional journey is marked by her diverse roles in academia, starting from her tenure as a Lecturer at L.D.C Institute of Technical Studies, Allahabad, to her current pursuit as a Ph.D. scholar at the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur. Her roles as an Assistant Professor and Lecturer at various institutions underscore her dedication to imparting knowledge and nurturing young minds in the field of electrical engineering. Additionally, her industrial training at a Power Distribution and Transmission substation further enriched her practical understanding of the domain.

Contributions and Research Focus

In her Ph.D. pursuits, Ms Shilpa is focused on pioneering research aimed at optimizing renewable integrated power systems for economic emission load dispatch. Her work encompasses the development of novel optimization algorithms and machine learning-based forecasting techniques to address uncertainties in power systems. This underscores her commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions and addressing the challenges of integrating renewable energy sources into the grid effectively. Furthermore, her research interests extend to areas such as wind energy MPPT control using AI-based techniques, microgrid modeling for rural applications, and net-zero scope challenges, showcasing the breadth of her expertise and the relevance of her work in addressing pressing global energy concerns.

Accolades and Recognition

Ms Shilpa's academic excellence has been recognized through prestigious awards such as the Gold Medal from Panjab University and the Ram Sahay Memorial Gold Medal for her outstanding performance in the 12th U.P. Board Examination. Her achievements also extend to her professional endeavors, as evidenced by her selection as a Master Trainer in Microsoft's Sakshat program-ICT. Additionally, her contributions to literature have been acknowledged through the "Sahitya Shree Samman" for her remarkable poetry and literary work, reflecting her multifaceted talents and contributions beyond the realm of academia.

Impact and Influence

Ms Shilpa's research contributions have made a significant impact on the field of electrical engineering, particularly in the optimization of renewable energy systems and the integration of AI and machine learning techniques for load forecasting and control. Her publications in esteemed international journals and conferences underscore the recognition and relevance of her work within the academic community. Furthermore, her involvement in extracurricular activities such as literary societies and cultural events highlights her role in fostering a vibrant academic community and inspiring future generations of engineers and scholars.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking ahead, Ms Shilpa's legacy lies in her continued pursuit of cutting-edge research and her dedication to addressing the complex challenges facing the energy sector. Through her innovative solutions and interdisciplinary approach, she aims to contribute towards building a sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure that meets the needs of society while minimizing environmental impact. Her passion for teaching and mentorship ensures that her knowledge and expertise are passed on to future generations of engineers, thereby leaving a lasting impact on the field and shaping the future of energy innovation and sustainability.


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Shilpa Mishra – Power system design  – Best Researcher Award 

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