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Dr Angela Di Somma : Biochemistry

Congratulations to Dr. Angela Di Somma!  We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Angela Di Somma has been honored with the prestigious Best Researcher Award in Biochemistry at the International Research Data Analysis Excellence Awards. This recognition is a testament to her outstanding contributions to the field and her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge.

Dr. Di Somma's dedication, expertise, and innovative research have not only enriched the field of biochemistry but have also earned her well-deserved acclaim on an international scale. Her achievements are a source of inspiration for the research community, and we look forward to witnessing her continued success and impact in the future. Congratulations on this well-earned recognition!

Professional profile:

Early Academic Pursuits:

Angela Di Somma began her academic journey with a Master's degree in Biology from the University of Naples "Federico II" in 2015. Her thesis focused on the role of the Escherichia coli lyase NanA in cell–cell interaction mechanisms, under the guidance of Prof. Angela Duilio.

In April 2020, Angela completed her Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences from the same university. Her doctoral thesis, titled "Regulation of biofilm development in Gram-negative bacteria: New antimicrobial strategies," showcased her commitment to advancing knowledge in biochemistry.

Professional Endeavors:

Angela has an extensive research background, with various roles in prestigious institutions:

  1. Research Associate and Fellowship (June 2020 – Sept 2022): Angela contributed to the Department of Chemical Science at the University of Naples "Federico II," focusing on biochemistry and molecular biology. Her work included the identification and characterization of novel antitumoral/antimicrobial insect-derived peptides.
  2. Fellowship at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Sept 2022 – Feb 2023): Angela broadened her international experience with a fellowship at the Institut de Biotecnologia i de Biomedicina, focusing on the study of antimicrobial activity and mechanisms.
  3. Researcher at University of Naples "Federico II" (Sept 2023 – Present): Angela is currently a Researcher in the Department of Chemical Science, specializing in BIO/10.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Angela's research has significantly contributed to the field of biochemistry and molecular biology. Her diverse projects include the study of antimicrobial peptides, investigation of biofilm development in Gram-negative bacteria, and the design of nano/microscale drug delivery systems for antimicrobial peptides.

She has presented her findings at various national and international conferences, earning recognition for her work. Notably, Angela has authored several research articles published in reputable journals.

Accolades and Recognition:

Angela has received recognition for her contributions to the field, including fellowships such as the FEDERATION of EUROPEAN BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETIES (FEBS) Fellowship and FEMS Research and Training Grant.

She served as a Guest Editor for a Special Issue on "Natural and Synthetic Antimicrobial Substances: Novel Advances and Applications" in the journal Applied Sciences, MDPI.

Impact and Influence:

Angela's research has made a tangible impact on understanding antimicrobial peptides, biofilm development, and drug delivery systems. Her publications and presentations demonstrate the significance of her work in advancing scientific knowledge.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Angela's legacy lies in her substantial contributions to the scientific community, particularly in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. Her ongoing role as a Researcher reflects her commitment to continuous exploration and innovation in these domains. As she continues her career, Angela is poised to make further strides in understanding and addressing complex biological challenges.

Notable publication :

Angela Di Somma | Biochemistry | Best Researcher Award

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