Prof Dr. Bibiana Pérez-Ardanaz - Healthcare Data Analysis -  Transcontinental Excellence in Research Data Analysis Award 

Universidad de Málaga - Spain

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Early Academic Pursuits

Prof Dr. Bibiana Pérez Ardanaz embarked on her academic journey at the Escuela Universitaria Bahía de Algeciras, affiliated with the University of Cádiz, where she earned her degree in Nursing from 2003 to 2006. Her passion for pediatric care led her to specialize in Pediatric Nursing through an EIR program, receiving an accreditation of excellence from the Hospital Materno Infantil de Málaga in 2012-2014. Further enhancing her expertise, Bibiana pursued a Doctorate in Health Sciences at the University of Málaga, focusing on the quality of life and resource utilization in children with complex chronic diseases, which she completed in November 2020. Her commitment to professional development is also evident in her completion of over 60 continuing education courses, totaling nearly 1000 hours, spanning clinical, teaching, and research skills.

Professional Endeavors

Prof Dr. Bibiana’s professional career is marked by a diverse range of roles across different sectors. From January 2007 to November 2015, she worked in critical care settings, including emergency units and pediatric and neonatology wards, across various hospitals and health services like SAS, Ibet-Salut, and Helicópteros Sanitarios. Transitioning to academia, Bibiana took on roles as a Substitute Professor and later as an Assistant Professor at the University of Granada, where she has been involved since May 2013. Her teaching portfolio includes coordinating and lecturing on subjects such as Adult Nursing III, Nutrition and Dietetics, and School Health.

Contributions and Research Focus

Prof Dr. Bibiana Pérez Ardanaz has significantly contributed to the field of pediatric nursing and healthcare through extensive research and scholarly activities. She has been a principal investigator in research projects focusing on palliative care and quality of life for children with chronic and degenerative diseases. Additionally, she has collaborated on studies evaluating the physical and mental health and economic impacts on caregivers of children with chronic illnesses. Her work has been showcased at numerous national and international conferences, emphasizing her commitment to advancing pediatric nursing and healthcare practices.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout her career, Bibiana has earned various accolades that reflect her excellence in both clinical and academic realms. Her doctoral program and her specialized training courses were completed with outstanding evaluations, underlining her competence and dedication. Furthermore, her active participation and leadership roles in international nursing conferences and as a member of scientific committees have established her as a respected figure in her field.

Impact and Influence

Prof Dr. Bibiana Pérez Ardanaz's impact on the healthcare community is profound, particularly in the realms of pediatric and emergency nursing. Through her teaching, she has influenced the next generation of nurses, imparting essential knowledge and skills that are critical in improving patient outcomes. Her research has not only contributed to academic knowledge but has also had practical implications for improving the care and quality of life of chronically ill children and their families.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking ahead, Bibiana is poised to continue her influential work in pediatric healthcare. Her ongoing involvement in cutting-edge research and her commitment to teaching positions her to drive further innovations in nursing education and practice. As healthcare continues to evolve, particularly in responding to complex pediatric conditions, Bibiana’s expertise and ongoing research will likely play a crucial role in shaping effective and compassionate healthcare practices.

In conclusion, Bibiana Pérez Ardanaz stands out as a dedicated healthcare professional whose academic and professional pursuits have made substantial contributions to nursing and healthcare, particularly in pediatrics. Her legacy and future work will undoubtedly continue to influence and advance the field, benefiting patients and healthcare professionals alike.


A total of 103 citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of her research within the academic community.

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Bibiana Pérez-Ardanaz – Healthcare Data Analysis –  Transcontinental Excellence in Research Data Analysis Award 

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