Prof Chava Peretz -statistics - Best Researcher Award 

tel aviv university - Israel 

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Early Academic Pursuits

Prof Chava Peretz began her academic journey in 1972 at Tel Aviv University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Statistics in 1976. She continued her education with a Master's in Occupational Health from the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University in 1996. Peretz pursued her Ph.D. at Utrecht University, Holland, focusing on Occupational & Environmental Epidemiology, and completed her doctorate in October 2003. Some of her doctoral research was conducted at Harvard University, USA.

Professional Endeavors

Prof Peretz has held various positions in academic institutions and research centers. Her professional journey includes roles at Sheba-Hospital, the Settlement Research Center, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, and more. She served as a statistician, researcher, and senior staff member, contributing significantly to epidemiology and environmental research.

Contributions and Research Focus

Prof  Chava Peretz's research has primarily focused on occupational and environmental epidemiology. Her work includes investigating the variability of hygiene exposure in factories, exploring repeated measurement data for exposure assessment, and addressing methodological challenges in investigating occupational exposures as risk factors for Parkinson’s disease. Her expertise extends to air pollution, climate factors, and their impact on health outcomes.

Accolades and Recognition

Prof  Peretz has actively participated in numerous scientific meetings and conferences worldwide. She has presented her research findings, received awards for poster presentations, and contributed to the scientific community's knowledge in epidemiology, environmental health, and occupational medicine.

Impact and Influence

As a seasoned academic, Prof  Chava Peretz has made a significant impact through her research, teaching, and contributions to the field. Her work in epidemiology and preventive medicine has not only added to the scientific understanding of various health issues but has also influenced public health policies and practices.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Prof  Chava Peretz's legacy lies in her extensive academic and professional contributions, particularly in the areas of occupational and environmental epidemiology. As an educator, she has shaped the knowledge and skills of numerous students. Her ongoing involvement in research, workshops, and conferences indicates a commitment to advancing the understanding of health-related issues and contributing to future breakthroughs in the field.


Chava Peretz -statistics – Best Researcher Award 

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