Assist Prof Dr. Hossam Omara - Corporate Governance Award - Best Researcher

 Coventry University - Egypt

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Early Academic Pursuits

Assist Prof Dr. Hossam Omara embarked on his academic journey with a solid foundation in accounting, earning a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Alexandria University, Egypt, in 2008. He furthered his education with a Diploma in Financial Services Outsourcing from the Information Technology Institute, Egypt, in 2009, demonstrating an early commitment to specialization within the financial sector. His pursuit of knowledge led him to acquire a Diploma of Integrated Business Processes SAP ERP from the University of Duisburg, Germany, in 2012, showcasing his dedication to staying updated with cutting-edge technology in financial systems. This early academic trajectory laid the groundwork for his subsequent endeavors in higher education and research.

Professional Endeavors

With a thirst for knowledge and a passion for finance, Omara pursued a Master of Science degree in Finance & Investment Management from the Arab Academy for Science & Technology, Egypt, in 2014. His master's thesis, focused on ownership structure, audit quality, and earnings management in listed companies in Egypt, reflects his early interest in empirical research within the finance domain. Subsequently, he ventured into academia and research, joining the University of Bradford School of Management, UK, where he completed his Ph.D. in Business and Management, with a minor in Finance, in 2021. His doctoral research, which investigated the relationship between board diversity, textual social and environmental disclosures, and corporate performance in UK-listed companies, underscores his commitment to advancing knowledge in finance and corporate governance.

Contributions and Research Focus On Corporate Governance Award

Throughout his academic and professional journey, Omara has made significant contributions to the fields of finance and accounting. With over 15 years of experience in higher education as a lecturer and doctoral researcher, he has demonstrated expertise in areas such as fintech, behavioral finance, investment decisions, sustainability finance, corporate governance, and corporate valuation. His research agenda, focused on promoting diversity and institutional value-based performance, encompasses topics such as board diversity, corporate disclosure strategies, and the impact of green governance on corporate financial performance. Omara's research outputs, including published papers in esteemed journals and presentations at international conferences, attest to his scholarly contributions to the academic community.

Accolades and Recognition

Assist Prof Dr. Omara's dedication to excellence has been recognized through various honors and awards. Notably, he was awarded the Dean Prize for Innovation and Impact in Doctoral Research by the University of Bradford in 2022, acknowledging the significance of his doctoral research in advancing knowledge in finance and corporate governance. Additionally, he has received scholarships for his academic pursuits, including a partial scholarship for his Ph.D. program and full scholarships for his master's and diploma studies, highlighting his academic prowess and potential for impactful research contributions.

Impact and Influence

Assist Prof Dr. Omara's research endeavors extend beyond academic pursuits to encompass wider societal impact. His collaborations with global and local institutions, such as the European Union and Erasmus+ programs, demonstrate his commitment to fostering education, training, and social inclusion. Moreover, his involvement in projects promoting green governance and sustainability reflects his dedication to addressing contemporary challenges facing businesses and communities. Through his research and professional engagements, Omara continues to influence and inspire positive change in the finance and accounting domains.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As an esteemed educator, researcher, and academic leader, Hossam Omara leaves a lasting legacy in the realms of finance and accounting. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his passion for advancing knowledge and promoting diversity, serves as a guiding light for future generations of scholars and practitioners. Looking ahead, Omara's future contributions are poised to further enrich the academic discourse, drive innovation in finance and corporate governance, and address pressing societal challenges with rigor and integrity. His legacy as a trailblazer in finance academia is sure to endure, leaving an indelible mark on the field for years to come.

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Hossam Omara – Corporate Governance Award – Best Researcher

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