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Early Academic Pursuits

Mrs Jayashree's academic journey began with a strong foundation in science and technology. Graduating with honors from Canara Engineering College with a Bachelor's in Information Science and Engineering, she demonstrated a keen interest and aptitude for computer science from an early stage. This passion led her to pursue a Master's in Computer Science and Engineering from NMAMIT Nitte, where she achieved a remarkable CGPA of 8.77. Her academic excellence was evident even during her pre-university education at Government PU College, where she consistently achieved first-class honors in both PCMB and SSLC streams.

Professional Endeavors

With a solid educational background, Mrs Jayashree embarked on a distinguished career in academia and industry spanning over 9.5 years. Beginning as a Computer Officer in the Information Technology Division of Corporation Bank, Mangalore, she gained valuable experience in software requirement collection and analysis. Transitioning to the academic realm, she served as an Assistant Professor at prestigious institutions such as Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Vijaya Vittal Institute of Technology, and BIT Institute of Technology, among others. Her roles encompassed teaching computer science and engineering, where she imparted knowledge and nurtured the next generation of technologists.

Contributions and Research Focus On big data

Mrs Jayashree's passion for science, particularly in data science, big data, and data mining, culminated in her pursuit of a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from VTU Belgaum. Her research focuses on the processing and analysis of large volumes of high-dimensional data using various data mining techniques. Notable among her research endeavors is her ongoing Ph.D. project titled 'Unsupervised Single and Multiple View Feature Extraction for High Dimensional Data Clustering.' This project aims to address the challenges posed by the high dimensionality of data in clustering algorithms, employing unsupervised feature extraction techniques to enhance computational efficiency.

Accolades and Recognition

Mrs Jayashree's contributions to the field of computer science have been recognized through various awards, grants, and paper publications. She has received the Google Cloud Research Credits program award and has presented papers at prestigious international conferences such as NMITCON and ACT. Her research publications in esteemed journals like Knowledge-Based Systems and International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Cloud Computing underscore her scholarly impact and recognition within the academic community.

Impact and Influence

Through her research, teaching, and scholarly activities, Mrs  Jayashree has made a significant impact on the field of computer science. Her work in data mining, machine learning, and cloud computing has contributed to advancements in knowledge and technology, shaping the future of these domains. As a mentor and educator, she has influenced the career trajectories of countless students, instilling in them a passion for learning and innovation.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking ahead, Mrs Jayashree's legacy in the field of computer science will endure through her research contributions, academic mentorship, and scholarly endeavors. With a commitment to excellence and a thirst for knowledge, she continues to push the boundaries of science and technology, inspiring future generations of researchers and educators to pursue their passions and make meaningful contributions to society.

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Jayashree – big data – Best Researcher Award

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