Mrs. Keeley Rigby, Healthcare Data Analysis, Best Researcher Award

Mrs. Keeley Rigby at Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

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Keeley Louise Rigby (Rosbottom) is a seasoned Therapeutic Radiographer with a distinguished career in radiotherapy and oncology. She currently serves as the Course Leader for the Therapeutic Radiography Degree Apprenticeship and Senior Lecturer in Radiotherapy & Oncology at a prestigious institution. Keeley is recognized for her expertise in teaching and research, particularly in areas like sarcomas, digestive systems, and endocrine systems. Her commitment to enhancing patient care and survivorship is evident through her leadership in projects like the CELEBRATE study on the impact of the end of treatment bell in radiotherapy.


Keeley Louise Rigby (Rosbottom) holds a Master of Science degree in Radiotherapy & Oncology in Practice, earned from Sheffield Hallam University in September 2015. Her academic journey also includes a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, completed in April 2014, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Radiotherapy & Oncology in Practice with Distinction, attained from the same institution in September 2008. She initially pursued her passion for medical sciences, earning a Bachelor of Science with Honors from the University of Leeds in June 2005. Keeley’s educational achievements have equipped her with a solid foundation to excel in her roles as Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Radiotherapy & Oncology, where she continues to integrate cutting-edge research and teaching methodologies into her practice.

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Keeley has held progressive roles in radiotherapy, starting as a Radiotherapy Practitioner Radiographer and advancing to her current positions. She has extensive experience in clinical practice, education, and research, contributing significantly to the field through innovative teaching methods and scholarly activities.

🔬 Research Interests

Her research interests encompass improving patient quality of life, exploring innovative radiotherapy techniques, and advancing education in therapeutic radiography. Keeley has actively participated in projects like the SuPPORT 4 All and CELEBRATE studies, focusing on enhancing patient outcomes and experiences during and after radiotherapy treatment.

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Keeley Rigby | Healthcare Data Analysis | Best Researcher Award

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