Prof Dr. Yanlong Cong, Emerging Microbes & Infections, Best Researcher Award

Prof Dr. Yanlong Cong at Jilin University, China

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Dr. Yanlong Cong is a distinguished professor at Jilin University, specializing in animal virology. His extensive research has earned him multiple scientific research awards and national patents. He has made significant contributions to the academic community through numerous publications and educational materials.

🎓 Education

I received my doctoral degree from China Agricultural University in 2007, specializing in animal virology. My academic journey provided a strong foundation in veterinary science and infectious diseases, which has been instrumental in shaping my research and teaching career. Since completing my doctorate, I have been committed to advancing the field of veterinary medicine through both academic and practical applications. My education has equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute significantly to the study of zoonotic infectious diseases and the development of innovative solutions for veterinary health challenges.

💼 Professional Experience

Since 2007, I have served as a professor at the College of Animal Medicine, Jilin University, where I focus on animal virology. Over the years, my research has garnered six provincial and ministerial-level scientific research awards and eight national invention patents. I have published over 120 academic papers as the first author and corresponding author, contributing significantly to the field of veterinary science. Additionally, I have played a pivotal role in the creation of nine textbooks and academic works, either as an editor, co-editor, or contributor. My dedication to teaching and research has had a profound impact on advancing knowledge in zoonotic infectious diseases.

🔬 Research Interests

My research interests lie primarily in veterinary molecular virology, with a particular focus on zoonotic infectious diseases. I am dedicated to exploring molecular epidemiological traceability, developing genetic engineering vaccines, and establishing differential diagnosis methods. Additionally, I investigate the adaptability mechanisms of various significant pathogens, aiming to understand their behavior and interactions at a molecular level. My work seeks to advance the understanding of animal viruses and improve the strategies for preventing and controlling infectious diseases in livestock, ultimately contributing to both animal and public health.

📖 Publication Top Noted

Article Title: Hemagglutinin glycosylation pattern-specific effects: implications for the fitness of H9.4.2.5-branched H9N2 avian influenza viruses

  • Authors: Yixue Sun, Yanting Zhu, Pengju Zhang, Shouzhi Sheng, Zhenhong Guan, Yanlong Cong
  • Journal: Emerging Microbes & Infections
  • Year: 2024

Article Title: Isolation and Identification of Novel Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (H5N8) Subclade from Geese in Northeastern China

  • Authors: Yanting Zhu, Yulin Cong, Yixue Sun, Jinhong Han, Lili Gai, Tiantian Yang, Chang Liu, Lifeng Zhao, Yanlong Cong, Nicole R. Buan
  • Journal: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
  • Year: 2023

Article Title: Evaluation on the receptor-binding preference and drug resistance of H9N2 influenza viruses

  • Authors: Jiazi Su, Xiaoyu Deng, Yixue Sun, Haiying Yu, Yulin Cong, Yanlong Cong
  • Year: 2021

Article Title: Assessing the effects of a two-amino acid flexibility in the Hemagglutinin 220-loop receptor-binding domain on the fitness of Influenza A(H9N2) viruses

  • Authors: Yixue Sun, Yulin Cong, Haiying Yu, Zhuang Ding, Yanlong Cong
  • Journal: Emerging Microbes & Infections
  • Year: 2021
Yanlong Cong | Emerging Microbes & Infections | Best Researcher Award

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