Mrs Sangeeta Parshionikar - Deep Learning - Best Researcher Award 

Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering - India

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Early Academic Pursuits

Mrs. Sangeeta Parshionikar began her academic journey by obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Power Engineering from Shri. Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College, Nagpur University, where she graduated with a commendable 72.8%. She further pursued her Master's in Electronics from Mumbai University, where she secured a distinction with 75.56%. Her interest in the field led her to specialize further with a diploma in Oracle 8.0 with Visual Basic 6.0 from SSI Nagpur and VLSI Design from CDAC Hyderabad.

Professional Endeavors

Mrs. Parshionikar's professional journey spans over 16 years in the field of education and 3 years in the industry, focusing on VLSI Design. Her industry experience includes roles at esteemed organizations like PowaiLabs Pvt. Ltd., Taray Technology Pvt. Ltd., and STRATeL Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi, respectively. Currently, she serves as an Assistant Professor at Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Mumbai, teaching subjects like IoT, Basic VLSI Design, and ASIC Verification.

Contributions and Research Focus

Her contributions to academia are vast and varied. Mrs. Parshionikar has published several research papers, notably in areas such as deep learning applications for healthcare, VLSI design techniques, and IoT innovations. She has been recognized with multiple minor research grants from the University of Mumbai for her innovative projects, including Smart Air Pollution Monitoring and Stock Market Forecasting using Neural Networks. Additionally, she has filed several patents, including a groundbreaking concept for verbal agreement signing using blockchain and speech recognition.

Accolades and Recognition

Mrs. Parshionikar's dedication to her field has earned her numerous accolades, including appreciations from her college for successfully coordinating workshops and FDPs. She has delivered talks on various topics, from Verilog Programming to Branding for Startups, showcasing her versatility and expertise. Moreover, she has been an active member of several professional bodies, including ISTE, and has served as a reviewer for multiple international conferences.

Impact and Influence

With over 20 years of experience in the academic and industry sectors, Mrs. Parshionikar's influence extends beyond her immediate role. Her research and innovations have the potential to reshape industries, particularly in areas such as healthcare, finance, and environmental monitoring. Her leadership in coordinating various initiatives, including being a convocation coordinator and B.E. project coordinator, reflects her commitment to fostering excellence in education and research.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Mrs. Parshionikar's legacy lies in her relentless pursuit of knowledge dissemination, innovation, and mentorship. As she continues her Ph.D. journey and expands her research endeavors, she aims to contribute further to the scientific community. Her focus on emerging technologies like deep learning, IoT, and VLSI design positions her at the forefront of academic research. Moving forward, she aspires to develop more groundbreaking solutions, mentor future generations, and collaborate on global research initiatives.

In summary, Mrs. Sangeeta Parshionikar's multifaceted career, from her early academic pursuits to her current role as an esteemed educator and researcher, exemplifies dedication, expertise, and a passion for innovation. Her contributions to the field of Computer Engineering, VLSI Design, and Deep Learning make her a distinguished figure, poised to make significant advancements in the scientific community.

Notable Publication

Sangeeta Parshionikar – Deep Learning – Best Researcher Award

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