Mr. Voravich Ganthavee, Chemical Engineering, Best Researcher Award 

Voravich Ganthavee at University of Southern Queensland, Australia

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Mr. Voravich Ganthavee is a PhD candidate and research assistant at the University of Southern Queensland with a background in chemical engineering and pharmaceutical science. His expertise lies in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, electrochemistry, and wastewater treatment. Ganthavee's research focuses on utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize electrochemical treatment methods for water and wastewater treatment, particularly targeting xenobiotic pollutants. He also manages lab facilities, supervises researchers, and trains students in analytical instruments.

Professional Profile:

Mr. Voravich Ganthavee is a dedicated researcher and technical support officer specializing in environmental and chemical technologies. With extensive experience in academia and industry, he is skilled in utilizing analytical instruments and conducting experiments to advance research in water and wastewater treatment. Ganthavee's work involves integrating artificial intelligence and electrochemical techniques to address emerging environmental challenges.


Mr. Voravich Ganthavee possesses a robust educational background in chemical engineering and pharmaceutical science. His extensive expertise encompasses roles as a seasoned researcher, dedicated PhD student, and proficient technical support officer, specializing in environmental and chemical technologies. With adeptness in operating diverse analytical instruments, Mr. Ganthavee conducts experiments for academics, postdocs, and fellow researchers with precision and efficacy.

His research focal point centers on pioneering advancements in water and wastewater treatment. Leveraging innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques alongside electrochemical methods, he endeavors to eradicate xenobiotic pollutants while analyzing and predicting wastewater quality characteristics and contamination levels. Currently, Mr. Ganthavee is immersed in industrial research, evaluating the environmental ramifications of advanced concrete technologies, particularly within the context of the Rio Tinto mining company.

Professional Experience:

Mr. Ganthavee has significant experience as a researcher, PhD candidate, and technical support officer. He has managed lab facilities, supervised researchers, and contributed to scientific manuscripts and industry presentations.

Research Interest :

Mr. Ganthavee's research interests revolve around optimizing wastewater treatment processes using artificial intelligence and electrochemical methods. His goal is to develop cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions for water purification. In the future, he aims to continue innovating in the field of environmental engineering and contribute to advancements in wastewater treatment technologies.

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Voravich Ganthavee | Chemical Engineering | Best Researcher Award 

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