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Dr. Sagrario Lobato, Genomic Data Analytics, Women Researcher Award

Doctorate at State Health Secretariat of Puebla, Mexico


Dr. Sagrario Lobato Huerta is a distinguished researcher and Head of the Health Research Department at Servicios de Salud del Estado de Puebla, M√©xico. With a robust academic background including a Doctor of Science, she specializes in social medicine. Her expertise spans various domains, notably obesity linked to PM2.5, public health, migration, and social determinants of health. Dr. Lobato Huerta has undertaken numerous research projects, authored books and journal articles, and holds editorial appointments. She has received prestigious awards for her academic achievements and contributions to STEM. Dr. Lobato Huerta’s pioneering work includes applying Rothman’s causal model in bioinformatics contexts.


  • Medical graduate from Benem√©rita Universidad Aut√≥noma de Puebla
  • Specialization and master’s degree in Social Medicine from Universidad Aut√≥noma Metropolitana Unidad Xochimilco
  • Doctor of Science from Centro de Estudios “Justo Sierra”, Sinaloa, M√©xico

Professional Experience:

Dr. Sagrario Lobato Huerta brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as Head of the Health Research Department at Servicios de Salud del Estado de Puebla, México. With a career dedicated to advancing medical knowledge and public health initiatives, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision. Dr. Lobato Huerta has authored and co-authored numerous publications, contributing significantly to the academic discourse in her field. Her role extends beyond research, as she actively engages in editorial appointments and serves on organizing committees for key health research events. Through her collaborative efforts and commitment to excellence, Dr. Lobato Huerta continues to make significant contributions to the field of health research, shaping the future of healthcare in Mexico and beyond.

Research Interest :

Dr. Sagrario Lobato Huerta’s research interests encompass a diverse range of critical health issues, reflecting her dedication to addressing pressing public health challenges. Her primary focus areas include investigating the complex interplay between obesity and PM2.5 pollution, elucidating the social determinants of health, exploring the dynamics of migration and its impact on healthcare systems, and advancing knowledge in the broader domain of public health. Through her multidisciplinary approach and innovative methodologies, Dr. Lobato Huerta strives to uncover insights that inform evidence-based interventions and policies aimed at promoting health equity and improving population health outcomes. Her commitment to tackling these multifaceted issues underscores her pivotal role in driving forward the frontiers of health research and contributing to the well-being of communities locally and globally.

Publication Top Noted:

Dr. Sagrario Lobato | Genomic Data Analytics | Women Researcher Award

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