Assist Prof Dr. Nick Eleftheroglou - Predictive Analytics Award - Best Researcher 

Delft University of Technology/ Faculty of Aerospace Engineering - Netherlands

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Early Academic Pursuits

Assist Prof Dr. N. Eleftheroglou began their academic journey with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics from the University of Patras, where they graduated Cum Laude. This foundation laid the groundwork for their pursuit of higher education, leading to a Doctor of Philosophy degree, earned with distinction from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Their early academic pursuits reflect a strong commitment to engineering principles and aeronautical sciences, setting the stage for their groundbreaking research in the field of Sustainable AI for Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Health Management.

Professional Endeavors

Following their academic achievements, Assist Prof Dr. Eleftheroglou delved into various professional roles, including a stint as a Business Consultant at ORTEC and later as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Delft University of Technology. These experiences allowed them to bridge the gap between academia and industry, gaining practical insights into real-world applications of their research. Currently, as an Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology, they continue to shape the future of engineering education and research.

Contributions and Research Focus On Predictive Analytics Award

Assist Prof Dr. Eleftheroglou's research is pioneering in the field of Sustainable AI for Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Health Management of structures and engineering systems. Their focus on developing novel physics-informed AI models highlights a dedication to advancing both the accuracy and environmental sustainability of AI applications. Their expertise spans machine learning models, stochastic processes, Bayesian statistics, and health/condition monitoring techniques, all aimed at improving the performance and longevity of critical engineering infrastructure.

Accolades and Recognition

The academic and professional community has recognized  Assist Prof Dr. Eleftheroglou's contributions through various awards and scholarships. Their excellence in research has been acknowledged with prestigious honors such as the Euro bank EFG Award and scholarships from the National Foundation for outstanding performance. Additionally, they have received research scholarships from TU Delft, underscoring their significant contributions to the field of prognostics and composite structures.

Impact and Influence

Assist Prof Dr. Eleftheroglou's impact extends beyond their research publications and academic achievements. Their involvement in organizations like ASME, the PHM Society, and CBM Academy showcases their commitment to advancing the field and fostering collaboration. Moreover, their invited seminars and presentations at renowned institutions and conferences globally highlight their influence in shaping discussions around AI for sustainability and structural health monitoring.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Assist Prof Dr. Eleftheroglou continues to push the boundaries of Sustainable AI and prognosis for engineering systems, their legacy grows stronger. Their research not only contributes to the academic discourse but also has tangible implications for industries reliant on structural integrity and predictive maintenance. Looking ahead, their future contributions are poised to further revolutionize the intersection of AI, sustainability, and engineering, leaving an indelible mark on the field for generations to come.


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Nick Eleftheroglou – Predictive Analytics Award – Best Researcher 

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