Assoc Prof Dr. Juan Antonio Gonzalez Vera, chemistry, Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr. Juan Antonio Gonzalez Vera at Faculty Of Pharmacy/universidad De Granada, Spain

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🌟 Summary

Dr. Juan Antonio González Vera is an esteemed Associate Professor at the University of Granada, specializing in Chemical Biology. His notable contributions include developing fluorescent peptide biosensors and lanthanide-based luminescent probes. His work has received global recognition, securing over €0.6 million in research funding and yielding significant societal and economic impact through collaborations and patents.

🎓 Education

  • PhD in Pharmacy (2006) – University Complutense of Madrid, Spain. Dr. GonzĂĄlez Vera’s doctoral research focused on the development of peptidomimetics for cancer treatment, earning him the Rafael Folch Foundation Award.
  • Degree in Pharmacy (2000) – University of Granada, Spain. He graduated with a grade point average of 3.5, laying a strong foundation for his future research in Chemical Biology and Organic Chemistry.

đŸ’Œ Professional Experience

Dr. Juan Antonio Gonzålez Vera boasts a diverse and accomplished career in academia and research. Currently, he serves as an Associate Professor at the University of Granada (2022-present), where he also held roles as Professor Hired Doctor Indefinite (2021-2022), Assistant Professor Doctor (2018-2021), Interim Substitute Professor (2017-2018), and Contract Researcher (2017). Before joining the University of Granada, he was a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron in Montpellier, France (2015-2016). He also held postdoctoral positions at the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry, CSIC (2012-2014), and the University Complutense of Madrid (2009-2011). His international experience includes a significant stint as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA (2006-2008), where he advanced his expertise in Chemical Biology and Organic Synthesis.

🔬 Research Interests

Dr. Juan Antonio GonzĂĄlez Vera’s research is at the forefront of Chemical Biology, focusing on several key areas:

  • Biosensors: Developing advanced fluorescent peptide and lanthanide-based biosensors for studying kinase activity and protein-protein interactions. His innovative biosensors are used extensively for in vitro kinase activity studies.
  • Organic Synthesis: Creating novel fluorescent probes and solvatochromic fluorophores, such as Quinolimides, for applications in biological imaging and diagnostics.
  • Physical Chemistry: Utilizing cutting-edge microscopy techniques like Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) and Phosphorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (PLIM) to explore complex biological systems.
  • Luminescent Probes and Sensors: Designing lanthanide antennas and other luminescent probes for intracellular imaging and the detection of biological molecules, contributing to advancements in areas such as cancer diagnosis and the study of amyloid fibrillization.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Engaging in extensive collaboration with technological companies and academic institutions globally, driving forward innovative research and practical applications of biosensors and luminescent materials.

📖 Publication Top Noted

Article: Environment-Sensitive Probes for Illuminating Amyloid Aggregation In Vitro and in Zebrafish
  • Authors: Francisco Fueyo-GonzĂĄlez, Juan A GonzĂĄlez-Vera, Ibon Alkorta, Lourdes Infantes, Maria Luisa Jimeno, Paula Aranda, Dario Acuña-Castroviejo, Alvaro Ruiz-Arias, Angel Orte, Rosario Herranz
  • Journal: ACS sensors
  • Year: 2020
  • Citation: 25
Article: Identification of quinazolinone analogs targeting CDK5 kinase activity and glioblastoma cell proliferation
  • Authors: Marion Peyressatre, Dominique Patomo Arama, Arthur Laure, Juan A GonzĂĄlez-Vera, Morgan Pellerano, Nicolas Masurier, Vincent Lisowski, May C Morris
  • Journal: Frontiers in Chemistry
  • Year: 2020
  • Citation: 20
Article: Apoferritin protein amyloid fibrils with tunable chirality and polymorphism
  • Authors: RocĂ­o Jurado, Jozef Adamcik, Miguel López-Haro, Juan A González-Vera, Álvaro Ruiz-Arias, Antoni Sánchez-Ferrer, Rafael Cuesta, José M DomĂ­nguez-Vera, José J Calvino, Angel Orte, Raffaele Mezzenga, Natividad Gálvez
  • Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • Year: 2018
  • Citation: 25
Article: Smart lanthanide antennas for sensing water
  • Authors: Francisco Fueyo-GonzĂĄlez, Emilio Garcia-Fernandez, David MartĂ­nez, Lourdes Infantes, Angel Orte, Juan A GonzĂĄlez-Vera, Rosario Herranz
  • Journal: Chemical communications
  • Year: 2020
  • Citation: 24
Article: Lanthanide-based peptide biosensor to monitor CDK4/cyclin D kinase activity
  • Authors: Juan A GonzĂĄlez-Vera, David Bouzada, CĂ©line Bouclier, M Eugenio VĂĄzquez, May C Morris
  • Journal: Chemical communications
  • Year: 2017
  • Citation: 23
Juan Antonio Gonzalez Vera | chemistry | Best Researcher Award

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