Mrs. Konstantina Kouvara, Environmental Data Analysis, Best Researcher Award

Mrs. Konstantina Kouvara at University of Patras, Greece

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🌟 Summary

Konstantina Kouvara is a dedicated PhD student specializing in marine litter at the University of Patras. She has significant experience in oceanography and biology, with a strong focus on marine environmental research. Konstantina has contributed to multiple publications and has participated in various projects related to marine litter management.

🎓 Education

  • PhD in Marine Litter (Ongoing since 2021) – University of Patras
  • MSc in Oceanography (2019-2021) – University of Patras
  • BSc in Biology (2015-2019) – University of Patras

💼 Professional Experience

  • Scientific Guidance and Supervision (05/2023 – 10/2023) – University of Patras
    Duties: Oversaw a pilot project on marine litter management, prepared economic and environmental impact studies, and developed action plans.
  • Lab Technician (10/2020 – 05/2021) – University of Patras
    Duties: Cultivated microalgae and tested for antimicrobial activity.

🔬 Research Interests

  • Collection and analysis of marine litter data
  • Identification of distribution patterns and sources of marine litter
  • Participation in marine litter clean-up campaigns
  • Presentations and dissemination of research findings

📖 Publication Top Noted

Article: Assessing marine litter in a highly polluted area in the Mediterranean: A multi-perspective approach in the Saronikos Gulf, Greece
  • Authors: Kouvara, K., Kosmopoulou, A., Fakiris, E., Galgani, F., Papatheodorou, G.
  • Journal: Marine Pollution Bulletin
  • Volume: 203
  • Pages: Article 116497
  • Year: 2024
Article: Isolation, identification, and chemical composition analysis of nine microalgal and cyanobacterial species isolated in lagoons of Western Greece
  • Authors: Hotos, G., Avramidou, D., Mastropetros, S.G., Makridis, P., Kornaros, M.
  • Journal: Algal Research
  • Volume: 69
  • Pages: Article 102935
  • Year: 2023
Article: COVID-19-related litter pollution on Greek beaches and nearshore shallow water environments
  • Authors: Kouvara, K., Papatheodorou, G., Kosmopoulou, A., Fakiris, E., Geraga, M.
  • Journal: Marine Pollution Bulletin
  • Volume: 185
  • Pages: Article 114250
  • Year: 2022
Konstantina Kouvara | Environmental Data Analysis | Best Researcher Award

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