Dr. Meghdad Mirabi - Blockchain - Best Researcher Award 

Technical University of Darmstadt  -  Germany

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Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Meghdad Mirabi embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, where he laid the foundation for his future in computer science. He then pursued his Master's in Computer Science with a focus on Distributed Computing at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Selangor, Malaysia. This laid the groundwork for his later specialization in distributed systems and database technologies. His academic pursuits culminated in a Ph.D. in Computer Science, specifically focusing on Database Systems, from UPM.

Professional Endeavors

Mirabi's professional career showcases a trajectory of increasing responsibility and expertise in academia and research. Starting as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, he transitioned into various research roles, including Senior Researcher positions at renowned institutions such as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Technical University of Darmstadt, and Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. His diverse experience provided him with a holistic understanding of computer science research, spanning from academia to industrial collaborations.

Contributions and Research Focus On Blockchain

Throughout his career, Mirabi has made significant contributions to the fields of distributed systems, database management, and blockchain technology. His research interests encompass a wide array of topics, including Security for Distributed Systems, Data Management, and Blockchain Technology. He has delved into subfields such as Secure and Verifiable Computing, Privacy-Enhanced Technologies, and Access Control for Blockchain Systems. His work reflects a deep commitment to addressing real-world challenges in data security, privacy, and trustworthiness, essential for the advancement of modern computing systems.

Accolades and Recognition

Mirabi's contributions have been recognized through numerous honors and awards, including Best Teaching Awards and research grants. His achievements have been acknowledged internationally, as evidenced by medals and scholarships received during his academic pursuits. Moreover, he has been involved in prestigious projects funded by organizations such as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and has secured grants for his research initiatives, highlighting the impact and relevance of his work.

Impact and Influence

Mirabi's influence extends beyond his research contributions. He has actively participated in professional activities such as serving on editorial boards, organizing conferences, and contributing as a reviewer for reputable journals. Additionally, his mentorship of Ph.D. and Master's students underscores his commitment to nurturing the next generation of researchers. His workshops and curriculum design efforts have played a vital role in disseminating knowledge and fostering innovation in areas such as blockchain technology and distributed systems.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Meghdad Mirabi continues to advance in his career, his legacy lies in his multidisciplinary approach to tackling complex challenges in computer science. His research has the potential to shape the future of distributed systems, data management, and cybersecurity. Through his mentorship and collaborative endeavors, he is not only leaving a mark on academia but also contributing to the broader technological landscape. Looking ahead, his focus on emerging technologies like blockchain and IoT networks promises to drive innovation and create lasting impacts in the field.


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Meghdad Mirabi – Blockchain – Best Researcher Award 

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