Assoc Prof Dr. Portia. Zoleta-Vitug - Environmental Health Nursing - Best Faculty Award 

St. Paul University Manila - Philippines

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Early Academic Pursuits

Assoc Prof Dr. Portia Villafuerte Zoleta-Vitug began her academic journey in nursing, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Emilio Aguinaldo College. This foundational degree paved the way for her commitment to healthcare and public service. Recognizing the need for a deeper understanding of management within public sectors, she pursued and completed a Master in Management with a major in Public Administration at the Philippine Christian University. Her thirst for knowledge and desire to impact development administration led her to achieve a Doctor of Philosophy in Development Administration from the same institution. These academic pursuits set a strong platform for her multifaceted career, blending healthcare with administrative acumen.

Professional Endeavors

Assoc Prof Dr. Zoleta-Vitug’s professional journey is marked by a diverse range of roles that showcase her versatility and commitment to healthcare and education. Starting as a staff nurse, she quickly transitioned to roles of greater responsibility, including an industrial nurse and an executive assistant in the office of the president in Parañaque City. Her career took a significant turn towards public health management when she joined international projects such as the USAID-funded Integrated Family Planning and Maternal Child Health and the World Health Organization-funded projects on infectious disease surveillance.

Since 2006, she has been an Associate Professor at St. Paul University Manila, where she imparts her vast knowledge to future healthcare professionals. Concurrently, she holds the position of Consultant and Operations Manager at Xavier School Batch 83 Foundation, indicating her proficiency in managing operations and strategic planning.

Contributions and Research Focus

Assoc Prof Dr. Zoleta-Vitug's research and publications primarily focus on public health, nursing education, and healthcare management. Her work includes significant contributions like the development of a Transcultural Nurse Program with international partnerships and her leadership in creating an environmentally based nursing program. Her publications address crucial issues in nursing practice and healthcare delivery, such as the development of advanced nursing practice in the Philippines and the integration of environmental considerations into nursing curricula.

Accolades and Recognition

Over her extensive career, Assoc Prof Dr. Zoleta-Vitug has received numerous awards that recognize her service and contributions to healthcare and education. These include a Centennial Award from St. Joseph’s Academy, a Service Award from St. Paul University Manila, and recognition for her active involvement in community service projects aimed at supporting Aeta communities and Philippine soldiers. Her academic and professional excellence was also acknowledged through a scholarship and an Ambassador of Goodwill role in Japan, reflecting her international repute and commitment to global healthcare education.

Impact and Influence

Assoc Prof Dr. Zoleta-Vitug's impact extends beyond the classroom and hospital settings into international health initiatives and community-based projects. Her leadership roles in various foundations and her active participation in rebuilding community centers demonstrate her commitment to societal development. As the Founding President of the Philippines Nurses Environmental Organization, she champions the integration of environmental health into nursing practice, emphasizing the importance of sustainable healthcare practices.

Legacy and Future Contributions

The legacy of Assoc Prof Dr. Zoleta-Vitug is characterized by her relentless pursuit of excellence in healthcare education and public health administration. Her ongoing projects, like the advanced nursing practice roundtable and her leadership in the preparation for the centennial celebration of the Philippine Nurses Association, suggest that her future contributions will continue to influence the fields of healthcare education and public administration profoundly. Her efforts in shaping the educational strategies and healthcare policies in the Philippines will likely provide a template for future healthcare improvements in the region and beyond.

Through her extensive career, Assoc Prof Dr. Zoleta-Vitug has proven herself a visionary in integrating education, healthcare, and administrative excellence to better the lives of people in her community and beyond. Her future endeavors will undoubtedly continue to impact and inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and administrators.

Notable Publication

Portia. Zoleta-Vitug – Environmental Health Nursing – Best Faculty Award 

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