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Ms. Sara Yasin, Economics and Pollution, Young Scientist Award

Doctorate at University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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Ms. Sara Yasin Experienced Graduate Researcher at RHISS Institute, University of Sharjah, with a solid background in tax auditing and accounting. Adept at conducting comprehensive literature reviews, leading data collection and analysis, and publishing research in reputable journals. Proven leadership in professional organizations, with a strong academic track record, including an MBA and BS in Business Administration, both with a perfect GPA. Skilled in using advanced financial and research tools, and passionate about sustainability, financial inclusion, and educational technologies. Fluent in Arabic and English.


Ms. Sara Yasin holds an MBA in Management and Business Administration from the University of Sharjah, where she maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA and was awarded the Graduate Research Scholarship and placed on the Dean’s Honors List. She also earned a BS in Business Administration with a focus on Accounting from Al Dar University College, Dubai, achieving a 4.0 GPA. During her undergraduate studies, she was recognized on the Dean’s Honors List, participated in the High Achievers Program, and received a CMA scholarship sponsored by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

Professional Experience:

With a diverse background spanning research, tax auditing, and accounting, Sara Hussein Yasin brings a wealth of expertise to her professional roles. As a Graduate Researcher at the University of Sharjah’s RHISS Institute, she leads interdisciplinary research projects, conducts comprehensive literature reviews, and publishes articles in reputable journals. Sara’s tenure at Tayseer Tax Agency in Dubai saw her excel as both a Tax Auditor and Assistant Accountant. In her role as Tax Auditor, she managed audits of individual and corporate tax returns, ensuring compliance with UAE tax laws, while also staying abreast of regulatory changes. Her contributions extended to supporting operational initiatives, conducting client research, and providing training to team members. As an Assistant Accountant, Sara demonstrated meticulous attention to detail in financial record maintenance, close presentations, and compliance activities. Her versatile skill set, coupled with her dedication to excellence, has consistently earned her the trust and respect of colleagues and stakeholders alike.

Research Interest :

Ms. Sara Yasin research interests encompass a wide range of topics at the intersection of economics, finance, and sustainability. She is particularly passionate about exploring the role of economic complexity and uncertainty in environmental degradation and the potential for leveraging remittances to combat these challenges. Additionally, Sara is invested in studying financial inclusion in the MENA region, investigating factors that affect trust and verify mechanisms within financial systems. Her curiosity extends to emerging technologies such as the metaverse and their impact on supply chain effectiveness, as well as the integration of educational technologies in learning environments. Through her research endeavors, Sara aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and promote innovative solutions to complex societal issues.

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Sara Yasin | Economics and Pollution | Young Scientist Award

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