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Dr. Amal Al Kassem , Southwestern Arabia, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at University of Cologne, Germany

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Dr. Amal Al Kassem is a dedicated post-doctoral researcher with a passion for archaeology, specializing in the Paleolithic era. With a strong background in toolmaking, remote sensing, and archaeological fieldwork, she has contributed significantly to the understanding of prehistoric societies, particularly in the Middle East. Dr. Al Kassem’s expertise extends from academic lectures and workshops to field excavations and site evaluations. Her multidisciplinary approach combines traditional archaeological methods with modern technologies, such as satellite imagery and GIS, to analyze and preserve cultural heritage.


Dr. Amal Al Kassem’s academic journey reflects her commitment to advancing archaeological research and understanding. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeology at Damascus University in 2007, laying the foundation for her future studies. Building on this, she pursued a Master’s Degree in Prehistory from the same institution, specializing in Palaeolithic sites south of Daraa. Her master’s research provided her with a deep understanding of prehistoric societies and the archaeological methods used to study them. Dr. Al Kassem continued her academic pursuit by undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Cologne, Germany. Her doctoral research, focused on the variability of core reduction strategies in the Late Middle Palaeolithic of Yabroud I in Syria, showcased her analytical skills and interdisciplinary approach to archaeology. Through her extensive education and research experiences, Dr. Al Kassem has developed into a knowledgeable and skilled archaeologist with a strong foundation in both theoretical concepts and practical methodologies.

Professional Experience:

Dr. Amal Al Kassem possesses a wealth of professional experience that spans both academic and fieldwork domains, showcasing her versatility and expertise in archaeology. As a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Cologne in Germany, she has delved into the complexities of Paleolithic archaeology, focusing on core reduction strategies and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field. Simultaneously, Dr. Al Kassem serves as the Scientific Director of the ARCO Research Center in Abu Dhabi, where she oversees research initiatives and guides projects aimed at preserving and understanding cultural heritage in the region. Her role extends beyond academia, as she shares her knowledge and expertise through lecturing engagements at universities across Germany, Egypt, Jordan, and Kuwait, imparting valuable insights into toolmaking techniques and archaeological methodologies. Dr. Al Kassem’s professional journey also includes extensive fieldwork experience, from excavations in Syria and Germany to evaluations of archaeological sites in the UAE. Her multidisciplinary approach, coupled with her dedication to archaeological research and preservation, underscores her significant contributions to the field of archaeology.

Research Interest :

Dr. Amal Al Kassem’s research interests are deeply rooted in Paleolithic archaeology, with a particular focus on understanding prehistoric societies through the analysis of material culture and archaeological landscapes. Her expertise encompasses core reduction strategies, a pivotal aspect of early human technological evolution, which she investigates through comparative studies and analytical approaches. Dr. Al Kassem is also adept at utilizing remote sensing technologies, such as satellite imagery and GIS, to identify and document archaeological sites, especially in regions affected by conflict or environmental degradation. Her research extends beyond academic inquiry to address contemporary issues, such as the impact of conflict on archaeological heritage, highlighting the importance of cultural preservation in conflict zones. Through her research endeavors, Dr. Al Kassem aims to contribute not only to scholarly discourse but also to the broader efforts of safeguarding and interpreting humanity’s collective heritage for future generations.

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Amal Al Kassem | Southwestern Arabia | Best Researcher Award

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