Congratulations Zhiyong Chen | Best Researcher Award - Award Winner 2023

Dr Zhiyong Chen : Timber Structures; Modelling; Analysis

Congratulations to Dr. Zhiyong Chen on receiving the Best Researcher Award in Timber Structures, Modelling, and Analysis!  Your exceptional contributions have earned you the prestigious International Research Data Analysis Excellence Award.  Your dedication to advancing research in these fields is truly commendable. Well done on this outstanding achievement!

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits:

Dr. Zhiyong Chen embarked on his academic journey by earning a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2004. His early exposure to structural design, including a project on the structural design of a large-span glulam stadium, set the foundation for his future in timber structures.

He pursued a Master's degree in Structural Engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology, completing his thesis on the performance of nail connections in shear walls of light wood frame buildings. This laid the groundwork for his specialization in timber connections and systems.

Dr. Chen further advanced his academic pursuits by obtaining a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2011. His dissertation, focused on the behavior of typical joints and the structure of the Yingxian Wood Pagoda, showcased his early contributions to the understanding of ancient timber structures.

Professional Endeavors:

Dr. Chen's professional journey has been marked by significant contributions to the field of timber structures and analysis. Starting as a Research Assistant at Vestas Technology Blades in Singapore, he progressively moved through roles like Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of New Brunswick, Research Scientist at the Wood Science and Technology Centre, and eventually attaining the position of Senior Scientist at FPInnovations.

His tenure at FPInnovations, a leading Canadian research institute, showcases his commitment to advancing timber construction. From an Instructor to a Senior Scientist, Dr. Chen has demonstrated expertise in building systems and timber engineering.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Dr. Zhiyong Chen's research contributions have significantly impacted timber engineering. His work spans various aspects, from seismic performance and fire resistance to the development of innovative timber connections. Notably, his research on the seismic response of braced heavy timber frames and the structural performance of balloon mass timber shear walls has gained recognition.

He has also been actively involved in guiding graduate students, sharing his knowledge and expertise. His teaching experience and supervision of Ph.D. students reflect his commitment to nurturing the next generation of researchers.

Accolades and Recognition:

Dr. Chen's dedication to excellence in research has not gone unnoticed. His receipt of the Best Researcher Award and recognition at the International Research Data Analysis Excellence Awards underscore his outstanding achievements in timber structures, modeling, and analysis.

Impact and Influence:

Dr. Chen's research has not only advanced the understanding of timber structures but has practical implications for the construction industry. His work on seismic performance, energy dissipation, and fire resistance has the potential to shape the future of timber construction practices.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As a seasoned professional in the field, Dr. Zhiyong Chen's legacy lies in his substantial contributions to timber engineering. His research, mentorship, and leadership roles at FPInnovations position him as a trailblazer in the field. Looking forward, his ongoing work and commitment to research excellence continue to shape the future of timber structures and inspire the next generation of researchers.

Notable Publications:


A total of  692  citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of his research within the academic community.

Citations                692

h-index  19            16

i10-index                23



Zhiyong Chen | Best Researcher Award | Timber Structures; Modelling; Analysis

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