Dr. Van Ngoc Bui, Bioanalysis and Biochemistry, Best Faculty Award

Doctorate at Institute of Biotechnology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam

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Dr. Bui Van Ngoc is a distinguished bioinformatician and molecular biologist, leading the Bioinformatics Department and serving as the Deputy Director of the National Key Laboratory of Gene Technology. His research primarily focuses on the development of diagnostic tools, functional genomics, and bioinformatic analyses of various microorganisms and human stem cells. He has published 14 SCI/SCIE papers, nearly 40 national papers, and has been a principal investigator for multiple national and ministerial-level projects.


  • Engineer, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, 09/1999, Food Technology
  • Master, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 10/2002, Biotechnology
  • Master, University of Stuttgart, Germany, 11/2006, Technical Biochemistry
  • Doctorate (Dr.rer.nat), University of Heidelberg, Germany, 07/2010, Biological Pharmacy
  • PostDoc, IPMB, University of Heidelberg, Germany, 11/2014, Genomics and Biological Pharmacy

Professional Experience

Dr. Bui Van Ngoc has extensive experience in bioinformatics and molecular biology. He began his career as a Project Coordinator at CIRAD in France, where he coordinated international agricultural research projects. He then worked as a Research Fellow at the Vietnam Institute of Industrial Chemistry, contributing to industrial biotechnology advancements. At the University of Heidelberg’s IPMB, Dr. Bui expanded his expertise in genomics and biological pharmacy as a Research Fellow. Currently, he leads the Bioinformatics Department and serves as the Deputy Director of the National Key Laboratory of Gene Technology at the Institute of Biotechnology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. In these roles, he has overseen the development of diagnostic tools, conducted functional genomic studies, and advanced bioinformatic analyses, significantly contributing to Vietnam’s scientific community.

Research Interests

Dr. Bui Van Ngoc’s research interests lie at the intersection of bioinformatics, molecular biology, and genomics. He is deeply engaged in the development of diagnostic tools such as kits, biosensors, and DNA microarrays for the detection of potentially cancer-causing compounds and pathogenic microorganisms. His work in functional genomics focuses on analyzing cellular biochemical pathways in response to DNA damage, providing insights into cellular repair mechanisms and cancer biology. Additionally, Dr. Bui is dedicated to creating advanced bioinformatic tools to analyze and exploit biological data from various microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and human stem cells. Through his research, he aims to enhance our understanding of complex biological systems and contribute to the development of innovative solutions in biotechnology and healthcare.

đź“– Publication Top Noted

Title: An analysis of the bacterial community in and around scleractinian corals of Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

    • Authors: Nguyen, D.H., Bettarel, Y., Chu, H.H., Bui, V.N.
    • Journal: Regional Studies in Marine Science
    • Volume: 60
    • Pages: 102817
    • Year: 2023

Title: Metagenomic data of bacterial communities associated with Acropora species from Phu Quoc Islands, Vietnam

    • Authors: Nguyen, D.H., Chu, N.H., Bettarel, Y., Chu, H.H., Bui, V.N.
    • Journal: Data in Brief
    • Volume: 47
    • Pages: 108977
    • Year: 2023

Title: Diversity and Biogeography of Coral Mucus-Associated Bacterial Communities: The Case of Acropora formosa

    • Authors: Bui, V.N., Nguyen, D.H., Chu, N.H., Bouvier, T., Chu, H.H.
    • Journal: Journal of Marine Science and Engineering
    • Volume: 11
    • Issue: 1
    • Pages: 74
    • Year: 2023

Title: Procarcinogens – Determination and evaluation by yeast-based biosensor transformed with plasmids incorporating RAD54 reporter construct and cytochrome P450 genes

    • Authors: Bui, V.N., Nguyen, T.T.H., Mai, C.T., Nguyen, H.D., Wölfl, S.
    • Journal: PLoS ONE
    • Volume: 11
    • Issue: 12
    • Pages: e0168721
    • Year: 2016

Title: Flow cytometric enumeration of bacterial in the coral surface mucus layer

    • Authors: Yvan, B., Thanh, M.C., Patrice, G., Bui, V.N., Thierry, B.
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Title: Viral and bacterial epibionts in thermally-stressed corals

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    • Year: 2015

Title: Genotoxicity of chemical compounds identification and assessment by yeast cells transformed with GFP reporter constructs regulated by the PLM2 or DIN7 Promoter

    • Authors: Bui, V.N., Nguyen, T.T.H., Bettarel, Y., Nghiem, N.M., Wölfl, S.
    • Journal: International Journal of Toxicology
    • Volume: 34
    • Issue: 1
    • Pages: 31–43
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Title: Computer controlled automated assay for comprehensive studies of enzyme kinetic parameters

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    • Journal: PLoS ONE
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Van Ngoc Bui | Bioanalysis and Biochemistry | Best Researcher Award

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