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Dr Zhe YUAN : Data-informed Decision Making

Professional profile:

Early Academic Pursuits

Zhe Yuan's academic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in E-commerce from the Management School of Information System, Hubei University of Economics, China, in 2013. This foundational education was followed by an MSc in Logistics Engineering from Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China, in 2015. His pursuit of knowledge culminated in a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Centrale Supelec, University of Paris Saclay, France, in 2019. His early academic pursuits laid the groundwork for a career focused on industrial engineering, logistics, and e-commerce.

Professional Endeavors

Post his academic achievements, Zhe Yuan has made significant strides in academia and research. Since 2019, he has served as a Professor-Researcher at EMLV, Paris la Defense, France. Concurrently, he has been actively involved in multiple research projects, notably partnering with esteemed organizations such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China. His role as a Project Coordinator for Erasmus+ Agency projects since 2019 further underscores his commitment to academic and research excellence.

Contributions and Research Focus

Zhe Yuan's research interests are vast and highly relevant in today's digital age. His primary areas of focus encompass Smart Services, AI, Big Data, E-commerce, Optimization, and Sustainable Information Systems. His scholarly contributions include numerous peer-reviewed articles published in renowned journals such as the International Journal of Production Economics, Regional Studies, and IEEE Transactions On Engineering Management. Additionally, he has actively participated in conferences worldwide, presenting his research findings and contributing to academic discourse.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout his academic and professional journey, Zhe Yuan has garnered recognition for his exemplary work. His research projects have received substantial funding, including grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. His publications in esteemed journals and his active participation in academic committees highlight his stature in the academic community. Furthermore, his role as a reviewer for prestigious journals like the International Journal of Production Research and Energy Economics underscores his expertise and contributions to the field.

Impact and Influence

Zhe Yuan's research and pedagogical activities have had a profound impact on the fields of Industrial Engineering, Logistics, and E-commerce. His research on AI, Big Data, and Optimization has paved the way for innovative solutions in Smart Services and Sustainable Information Systems. Moreover, his teaching endeavors, supervising master's theses, and guiding Ph.D. students have shaped the next generation of scholars and professionals in these domains.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As a distinguished Professor-Researcher, Zhe Yuan's legacy is characterized by his relentless pursuit of knowledge, commitment to excellence, and impactful contributions to academia and research. His research focus on Smart Services, AI, and E-commerce continues to be highly relevant, given the evolving technological landscape. Moving forward, he is poised to further expand his research horizons, mentor budding scholars, and contribute significantly to addressing contemporary challenges in Industrial Engineering and related fields.

In summary, Zhe Yuan's early academic pursuits, professional endeavors, groundbreaking research, accolades, and future contributions collectively underscore his prominence in Industrial Engineering, Logistics, and E-commerce. His legacy as a visionary scholar and educator will undoubtedly inspire generations to come.

Notable Publication:

Zhe YUAN | Best Researcher Award | Data-informed Decision Making

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