Dr. Ahmed Abdellatif - Nanotechnology - Best Researcher Award 

Qassim University - Saudi Arabia

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Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Ahmed Abdellatif's academic journey commenced with a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Al-Azhar University, Egypt, where his dissertation focused on the formulation and evaluation of various microspheres as a drug delivery system. He proceeded to obtain his Master of Pharmaceutical Technology from the same institution, delving deeper into formulation science. His thesis concentrated on colon targeting using 5-FU microsponge, showcasing an early interest in targeted drug delivery systems. His academic pursuits culminated in a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from Regensburg University, Germany. His doctoral research involved the formulation and characterization of nanoparticles targeting somatostatin receptors, demonstrating his commitment to cutting-edge drug delivery technologies.

Professional Endeavors

Dr. Ahmed Abdellatif's professional journey spans various academic and research roles across prestigious institutions. Starting as a Teaching Assistant of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy at Al-Azhar University, Egypt, he gradually progressed through the ranks, serving as an Assistant Lecturer and later as an Assistant Professor. He further expanded his academic footprint by working as a Part-Time Lecturer at multiple universities in Egypt. His international experience includes a stint as a PhD student at the University of Regensburg, Germany, where he honed his research skills in pharmaceutical technology. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics at both Qassim University, Saudi Arabia, and Al-Azhar University, Egypt.

Contributions and Research Focus

Dr. Ahmed Abdellatif's research endeavors revolve around drug targeting and delivery, with a particular emphasis on nanoparticle-based systems. His work spans the synthesis and characterization of various nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery applications, including cancer therapy. Notably, he has explored receptor targeting strategies and conducted in-depth studies on cellular uptake mechanisms. His research contributions extend to the formulation of nanoparticles for ocular and dermatological applications, showcasing the breadth of his expertise in pharmaceutical sciences.

Accolades and Recognition

Dr. Ahmed Abdellatif's contributions to the field of pharmaceutical sciences have garnered significant recognition, including being ranked among the world's top 2% of scientists by Stanford citation analysis. He has served as an Associate Editor and Academic Editor for prestigious journals in the field, demonstrating his standing as a thought leader and expert in pharmaceutics and drug delivery. Additionally, his involvement in organizing international conferences underscores his leadership qualities and commitment to advancing pharmaceutical education and research.

Impact and Influence

Through his research, publications, and academic endeavors, Dr. Ahmed Abdellatif has made a substantial impact on the field of pharmaceutical technology. His work has contributed to advancing the understanding of nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems and their potential applications in targeted therapy. By mentoring and supervising numerous master's and doctoral students, he has nurtured the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists, ensuring a lasting legacy of excellence and innovation in the field.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking ahead, Dr. Ahmed Abdellatif continues to spearhead groundbreaking research in pharmaceutical technology, with a focus on addressing unmet medical needs through innovative drug delivery approaches. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his collaborative spirit and leadership qualities, positions him as a key figure in shaping the future of pharmaceutics. As he continues to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and mentor aspiring researchers, his legacy as a visionary in drug delivery science is destined to endure for years to come.


A total of  2243 citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of her research within the academic community.



Ahmed Abdellatif – Nanotechnology – Best Researcher Award 

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