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Prof Bindhu Omana Sukumaran : BIOCHEMISTRY

Congratulations to Prof. Bindhu Omana Sukumaran for receiving the Best Researcher Award at the International Research Data Analysis Excellence Awards in the field of Biochemistry. This prestigious recognition reflects your outstanding contributions to research and dedication to advancing knowledge in the field. Well-deserved honor!

Professional profile:

Early Academic Pursuits:

I began my academic journey with a strong foundation, achieving First Class in Class X under the Board of Public Examinations, Government of Kerala, in 1990. This was followed by a Pre-Degree with First Class from the University of Kerala in 1992. Subsequently, I pursued BSc in Botany (Main) with Chemistry and Zoology as subsidiaries, graduating with Distinction in 1995 from the University of Kerala. My commitment to academic excellence continued as I pursued a Master of Science in Medical Biochemistry from MAHE (Manipal Academy of Higher Education) University, where I graduated with First Class honors in 1998.

Professional Endeavors:

My professional journey took a significant turn when I embarked on a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology (Medical Biochemistry) at the Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. I successfully defended my thesis titled "Matrix Metalloproteinases in Oral Cancer" in July 2005. This comprehensive research delved into the intricate molecular mechanisms underlying the progression of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC), exploring the roles of Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their inhibitors, Tissue Inhibitor Metalloproteinases (TIMPs).

Contributions and Research Focus:

My Ph.D. work focused on understanding the functional role and clinical significance of MMPs and TIMPs in the progressing histology of oral tissue, ranging from normal to invasive oral carcinoma. The study utilized immunohistochemistry, zymography, and Western blotting techniques, revealing a gradual increase in MMP expression and gelatinolytic activity with the histologic progression of malignancy. Moreover, my research uncovered the correlation between NFκB activation and gelatinase expression, suggesting the regulatory role of NFκB in malignant transformation.

Accolades and Recognition:

During my doctoral journey, I garnered recognition for my work, presenting posters and delivering an oral presentation at prestigious events such as the 21st Annual Convention of the Indian Association for Cancer Research and the International Workshop on Cervical Cancer. These presentations highlighted the clinical significance of gelatinases in oral cancer and the activation of NFκB during oral tumorigenesis.

Impact and Influence:

The findings from my research contribute significantly to the understanding of molecular processes underlying oral cancer progression. The correlations established between MMPs, TIMPs, and NFκB activation provide valuable insights for potential prognostic markers in oral carcinoma. The impact of my work extends to the clinical analysis of surgical margins, suggesting the evaluation of MMP and TIMP proteins as new molecular-level prognostic factors.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

My research forms a foundation for future studies in the field of cancer biology, particularly in understanding the regulatory mechanisms of MMPs and the role of NFκB in malignant transformation. The implications for clinical prognostication underscore the potential for further research in developing targeted therapies for oral carcinoma.

In conclusion, my academic journey and research endeavors reflect a commitment to excellence in understanding the molecular intricacies of oral cancer, with potential implications for clinical practice and future research initiatives.

Notable Publication:

Clinical and diagnostic utility of saliva as a non-invasive diagnostic fluid: a systematic review   Cited By 374 2015 year
High expression levels of nuclear factor kappa B and gelatinases in the tumorigenesis of oral squamous cell carcinoma Cited By 98 2016 Year
Characterisation of potential milk coagulants from Calotropis gigantea plant parts and their hydrolytic pattern of bovine casein Cited By 62 2014 Year
Salivary glucose and antioxidant defense markers in type II diabetes mellitus Cited By 46 year 2014
Three phase partitioning to concentrate milk clotting proteases from Wrightia tinctoria R. Br and its characterization Cited By 29 Year 2018


Bindhu Omana Sukumaran | Best Researcher Award | BIOCHEMISTRY 

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