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Dr Michael Ochang : Material Science- Thin films, Optoelectronics🧑🏻‍🎓

We proudly congratulate Dr. Michael Ochang on his outstanding achievements in Material Science, specifically in the domains of Thin Films and Optoelectronics. His groundbreaking research has earned him the prestigious "Worldwide Excellence in Research Analytics Advancement Award," making him a distinguished winner of the International Research Data Analysis Excellence Awards. Dr. Ochang's contributions to the field exemplify a commitment to excellence and innovation, setting a standard for global research. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits:

Ochang Michael Bikom's educational journey began in Kakwagom, Cross River State, where he attended St. Patrick's Primary School. His secondary education at Secondary Commercial School and Government Senior Science College in Boki, Cross River State, laid the crucial foundation for his academic excellence and passion for science.

Educational Institutions Attended:

  • Ph.D. in Engineering Physics (2015-2023):
    • Pursued a doctoral degree at the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State, completing it in 2023.
  • M.Sc. in Engineering Physics (2005-2009):
    • Demonstrated dedication to higher education by earning a Master's degree from the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
  • Diploma in Computer Studies (1999):
    • Engaged in further studies at Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, showcasing a broadening of knowledge into the realm of technology.
  • B.Sc. in Education (Physics) (1993-1998):
    • Obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, with a specialization in Physics.
  • Secondary Education (1987-1992):
    • Secondary Commercial School, Kakwagom, Boki, Cross River State, and Government Senior Science College, Obubra, Cross River State.

Professional Endeavors:

Ochang's career in academia and teaching demonstrates a commitment to imparting knowledge:

  • Physics Teacher (2000-2003): Federal Science College, Ogoja, Cross River State.
  • Physics Lecturer (2003-2006): Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia.
  • Physics Lecturer (2006-2012): Federal College of Education, Obudu, Cross River State, also serving as the Physics Departmental Examination Officer (2009-2011).
  • Physics Lecturer (2012-date): Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
  • Physics Lecturer (2013-date): Nigerian Army College of Environmental Science and Technology.
  • Supervised 117 Undergraduate Students (2012-date): Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Ochang Michael Bikom's contributions in teaching, research, and community service reflect a commitment to excellence and knowledge advancement in Physics. His involvement in professional bodies and workshops demonstrates a dedication to staying current in his field.

Accolades and Recognition:

Dr. Ochang's accomplishments have earned him the "Worldwide Excellence in Research Analytics Advancement Award" and recognition as a winner in the International Research Data Analysis Excellence Awards.

Impact and Influence:

His impact is evident in the numerous students he has supervised, his community service roles, and the chapters he contributed to physics textbooks. Ochang's influence extends beyond the classroom to the football field, where he serves as a coach.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Ochang Michael Bikom's solid foundation in academia, impressive career, and ongoing research projects establish a legacy of excellence. His dedication to cutting-edge knowledge positions him as a notable figure in the academic community, with promising future contributions in the field of Material Science, Thin Films, and Optoelectronics.

Notable Publication:

Effect of substrate temperature on the structural optical and electrical properties of new Cu2Cd0.8Mn0.2SnS4 photo-absorber layer for solar cells

Influence of Mn content on the optical, structural and electrical properties of spray pyrolysis deposited quinternary Cu2Cd1−xMnxSnS4 thin films for solar cells

Dispensability of the conventional Tauc's plot for accurate bandgap determination from UV–vis optical diffuse reflectance data

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