Ms. Bingqian li, Financial Data Analysis , Best Researcher Award

Ms. Bingqian li at Nankai University, China

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Bingqian Li is a dedicated graduate student at Nankai University, specializing in Finance with a focus on Corporate Finance. With a strong academic background and practical experience in economic research, Bingqian has demonstrated expertise in analyzing dynamic corporate production management and the impact of trade policy uncertainty on short-term financing. Their research contributions have been recognized through project selections and publications in reputable journals. Proficient in Stata, Matlab, Python, and C++, Bingqian is fluent in both Mandarin and English.


  • Nankai University, School of Finance
    • Master of Economics, Finance (Corporate Finance), Sep. 2022 – Jun. 2025
      • GPA: 89.16/100
      • Special Scholarships and recognition for outstanding social practice involvement.
  • Nankai University, School of Finance
    • Bachelor of Economics, Finance, Sep. 2017 – Jun. 2021
      • GPA: 85.96/100

💼 Professional Experience

Bingqian Li has gained valuable professional experience through intensive research and practical applications in economics, focusing on corporate finance dynamics. Their roles have included analyzing US manufacturing firms to uncover relationships between capacity utilization and inventory management. Bingqian has also contributed to developing dynamic production models that integrate fixed assets and capital utilization, showcasing a deep understanding of economic variables and firm-level strategies. Their dedication to high-quality research is underscored by project selections and publications that explore the intersection of economic policies with corporate financial practices.

🔬 Research Interests

Bingqian Li’s research interests span several critical areas within economics, with a primary focus on corporate finance and economic policy analysis. They are particularly interested in exploring the dynamics of production management, including the optimization of capital utilization and inventory strategies in manufacturing settings. Bingqian’s research also delves into the impacts of trade policy uncertainties on short-term financial practices, aiming to uncover how economic policies influence corporate decision-making. Their work contributes significantly to understanding the economic implications of policy changes and enhancing the efficiency and resilience of corporate financial operations in dynamic market environments.

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Bingqian li | Financial Data Analysis | Best Researcher Award

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