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Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Prof Dr. Evangelina Bonifacio began her academic journey with a Master's degree in Education Sciences with a focus on Administration and Education Planning from the Portucalense University in 2000. She then pursued her doctoral studies at the University of Salamanca, obtaining her Ph.D. in Theory and History of Education in 2009. Following this, she furthered her post-doctoral studies in Ethics and Education from the University of Salamanca in 2016 and later in Education Sciences from the Catholic University of Portugal - Porto in 2019.

Professional Endeavors

Since 2009, Prof Dr Evangelina Bonifacio has held the esteemed position of an Invited Adjunct Professor at the Education School of Bragança Polytechnic Institute. Her association with academia doesn't end there; she is a dedicated researcher at the VALORIZA - Research Centre for Endogenous v, affiliated with the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre. Additionally, she plays an integral role in the study group "Helmantica Paidea" at the University of Salamanca.

Contributions and Research Focus

Prof Dr Evangelina's research contributions span various facets of Education Sciences. She has actively participated and presented her findings in both national and international congresses as an author or co-author. Her involvement in research project areas has enriched the field, and her collaboration with esteemed institutions like the Federal University of Grande Dourados in Brazil, UNIPIAGET in Mozambique, and the Catholic University of Mozambique underscores her commitment to global educational advancement.

Accolades and Recognition

Although specific accolades and awards might not be detailed in the provided information, Evangelina Bonifacio's extensive academic pursuits, contributions to research, and collaborations with prestigious institutions speak volumes about her recognition and esteem in the academic community.

Impact and Influence

Prof Dr Evangelina's influence is evident through her collaborative efforts with various national and international educational institutions. Her research and academic endeavors have likely shaped policies, curricula, and methodologies in the realm of Education Sciences. Her active participation in congresses and collaborations signifies her role as a thought leader and influencer in the field.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Evangelina Bonifacio continues her academic and research pursuits, her legacy is bound to be characterized by a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and innovation in Education Sciences. Given her extensive contributions and collaborations, she is poised to further influence the future of education both nationally and internationally. Her ongoing work promises to pave the way for innovative approaches, methodologies, and strategies that will benefit the academic community and society at large.

Notable Publications

Evangelina Bonifácio-teaching profession-Best Researcher Award

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