Assoc Prof Dr Iram Naz - Emerging Research Trends - Women Researcher Award

National university of science and technology - Pakistan 

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Early Academic Pursuits

Assoc Prof Dr. Iram Naz embarked on her academic journey with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, in 2009. She then pursued an MBA in Finance from the International Islamic University, Islamabad, in 2011. Demonstrating a keen interest in academic research and teaching, Dr. Naz further advanced her qualifications by obtaining a Ph.D. in Management Science from Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad, in 2017. Additionally, she completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching from Riphah International University, Islamabad, in 2021.

Professional Endeavors

With over 11 years of rich academic experience, Assoc Prof Dr. Naz has held significant positions in renowned institutions. She commenced her professional journey as a Teaching Assistant at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi. Later, she served as a Visiting Lecturer at various institutions, including the International Islamic University, Army Public College of Management & Sciences, and University of Central Punjab. Her roles evolved as she became an Assistant Professor at Riphah International University and subsequently an Associate Professor at the Military College of Signals, NUST, Rawalpindi.

Contributions and Research Focus

Assoc Prof Dr. Naz's research focus encompasses various facets of Finance and Management, as evidenced by her prolific publications in esteemed journals. Her research articles delve into subjects like corporate finance practices, organizational justice, financial liberalization, and the role of Islamic work ethics. Moreover, she has actively participated in conferences, presenting papers that explore the intricacies of financial decision-making, CEO behavior, and sustainable practices in finance.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout her academic and research journey, Assoc Prof Dr. Naz has garnered several accolades and recognitions. She was honored as a Gold Medalist during her Bachelor's program and received the Dean's Honor Roll for exceptional performance during her Ph.D. coursework. Notably, her research prowess was acknowledged with the "Best Research Paper Award" at the Foundation of Islamic Finance Conference held at Lancaster University, UK, in 2017.

Impact and Influence

Assoc Prof Dr. Naz's influence extends beyond her academic contributions. Her mentoring has shaped the academic paths of numerous graduate students in Finance, Healthcare, and Project Management. With over 80 graduate students supervised under her guidance and one Ph.D. student currently under her mentorship, she continues to foster intellectual growth and research excellence.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Assoc Prof Dr. Iram Naz's legacy is marked by her dedication to academia, research, and student mentorship. Her extensive publications, research grants, and supervisory roles reflect her commitment to advancing knowledge in Finance and Management. As she looks to the future, Dr. Naz aims to further her contributions to academic research, mentor emerging scholars, and drive innovations in the realms of Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, and Management. Her expertise, coupled with her passion for teaching and research, positions her to continue making meaningful contributions to the academic community and beyond.

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Iram Naz – Emerging Research Trends – Women Researcher Award

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