Prof Maciej Nowak - Statistical Methods - Best Researcher Award

West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin - Poland 

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Early Academic Pursuits

Prof Maciej J. Nowak, born in 1982, is a distinguished academician currently serving as a Professor at the West Pomeranian University of Technology. He has dedicated his career to the Real Estate Department, where he now leads as the department head. His academic journey has been marked by a strong foundation in law, spatial policy, spatial planning, and environmental protection.

Professional Endeavors

Professor Nowak's contributions extend beyond academia, as he actively engages in shaping spatial management systems in Poland. His involvement in government teams working on changes to the spatial management system reflects his commitment to influencing policy at a national level. Notably, he has participated in numerous grants and projects, collaborating with national science centers, Polish ministries, central institutions, and regional/local governments.

Contributions and Research Focus

With over 200 works to his name, including more than 30 monographs, Professor Nowak's research spans various aspects of spatial policy and planning. His expertise is evident in recognized legal commentaries on spatial planning regulations, and he has served as a legal advisor in numerous court and administrative cases related to spatial planning. The international dimension of his work is highlighted through extensive collaborations with representatives from countries such as Italy, Iran, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Ghana, and Germany.

Accolades and Recognition

Professor Nowak's prolific output is underscored by the recognition he has received within the academic community. His active participation in the Presidium Committee for Spatial Economy and Regional Planning, Polish Academy of Sciences, adds to his accolades.

Impact and Influence

Prof Nowak's impact on the field is evident in his involvement in key publications that shed light on economic consequences, investments in renewable energy sources, and the contemporary economic costs of spatial chaos. His work also explores the intersection of environmental protection and integrated development planning.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As a leading figure in spatial policy and planning, Professor Nowak's legacy lies in his comprehensive understanding of the field and his efforts to shape policies and systems in Poland. His future contributions are likely to further influence the discourse on spatial management, environmental protection, and regional development.

This snapshot of Professor Maciej J. Nowak's career highlights his multifaceted contributions, emphasizing his roles as an academician, policy influencer, and international collaborator in the realm of spatial planning and environmental protection.


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Maciej Nowak – Statistical Methods – Best Researcher Award

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