Dr. Pilar Sandin-España - quimica ambiental - Transcontinental Excellence in Research Data Analysis Award 

National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research - Spain 

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 Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Pilar Sandin-España embarked on her academic journey with a strong foundation in Chemical Sciences, graduating from the prestigious Complutense University of Madrid in 1997. Her early academic pursuits laid the groundwork for her subsequent research endeavors. Following her undergraduate studies, she pursued higher education, obtaining her Ph.D. from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2004. Her doctoral thesis, titled "Study of the degradation and analysis of cyclohexanedione herbicides in chlorinated water," showcased her early specialization in environmental chemistry, a field she would continue to excel in throughout her career.

Professional Endeavors

Entering the realm of professional research, Dr. Pilar joined the National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research (INIA-CSIC) in 2016 as a Scientist. Over the years, she ascended to a leadership position, becoming responsible for the chemistry research group within the INIA Plant Protection Products Unit. This transition marked the beginning of her significant contributions to the field of plant protection and environmental chemistry.

Contributions and Research Focus On quimica ambiental

Pilar's research is characterized by a deep focus on understanding the chemical behavior of pesticides and their transformation products in the environment. Her expertise extends to the intricate reactions occurring in natural settings, encompassing both biotic and abiotic processes. Central to her work is the development of highly sensitive analytical methods to detect pesticide residues in various environmental matrices, including water, soil, and plants. Additionally, her research addresses the behavior and analysis of chiral compounds, showcasing the breadth of her scientific inquiry.

Accolades and Recognition

Dr. Pilar Sandin-España's contributions have garnered significant recognition within the scientific community. Her prolific output includes 60 scientific publications and dissemination articles, with a substantial portion published in high-impact journals indexed in SCI. Notably, she has served as the first or last author in a majority of these publications, underlining her leadership in driving impactful research. Furthermore, her work has been cited extensively, with a notable h-index of 17, reflecting the influence and relevance of her contributions.

Impact and Influence

Beyond her research publications, Dr. Pilar's influence extends to various facets of scientific engagement. She actively contributes to the scientific community as a member of editorial boards for several SCI journals and as a regular reviewer for esteemed scientific publications. Her involvement in organizing workshops and courses related to pesticides underscores her commitment to knowledge dissemination and capacity building within the field.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Dr. Pilar Sandin-España continues to advance in her career, her legacy is marked by a steadfast dedication to advancing the understanding of chemical processes in environmental systems. Her innovative methodologies and insightful investigations have laid a solid foundation for future research in the realm of plant protection and environmental chemistry. With her expertise, leadership, and commitment to excellence, she is poised to continue making significant contributions to the scientific community for years to come.

Notable Publication

Pilar Sandin-España – quimica ambiental – Transcontinental Excellence in Research Data Analysis Award 

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