Dr. Aufeef Chauhan , Autonomous Systems and Cloud-edge Computing, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate The University of Adelaide Australia

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Dr. M. Aufeef Chauhan is an accomplished academic and researcher in the field of computer science, with extensive expertise in software engineering, cloud computing, and autonomous systems. He has a strong background in both academia and industry, having held teaching and research positions at prestigious institutions such as the University of Adelaide and the IT University of Copenhagen. Dr. Chauhan is actively involved in the research community, contributing as a program committee member, conference organizer, and journal paper reviewer.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Computer Science
    • Thesis: “Foundations for Tools as a Service Workspace: A Reference Architecture”
    • University: IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Software Engineering
    • University: Malardalen University, Sweden
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science
    • University: National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU), Pakistan

💼 Professional Experience

  • University of Adelaide, Australia
    • Course Coordinator and Lecturer for Engineering Software as Services I & II (2021-2022)
    • Guest Lecturer for Software Architecture (2014)
  • IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Course Manager and Lecturer for Software Architecture (2015-2016)
    • Teaching Assistant for Software Architecture and Cloud Computing (2011-2014)
  • Industry Experience
    • Over seven years of experience in analysis, design, and development of applications for web-based, client-server, and desktop environments
    • Expertise in JavaEE, JavaSE, Microsoft .Net, Microsoft Visual C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, SQL, and NoSQL databases
    • Experience in business process automation and financial applications

🔬 Research Interests

Dr. Chauhan’s research focuses on dynamic reference information management, knowledge representation in autonomous systems, security data architectures, distributed software architectures for cloud-based and Web of Things (WoT) systems, and the evolution of traditional software systems into Software as a Service (SaaS) models. His work aims to address challenges related to global software development through cloud computing paradigms.

📖 Publication Top Noted

KRIOTA: A framework for Knowledge-management of dynamic Reference Information and Optimal Task Assignment in hybrid edge–cloud environments to support situation-aware robot-assisted operations

    • Authors: Muhammad Aufeef Chauhan, Muhammad Ali Babar, Haifeng Shen
    • Journal: Future Generation Computer Systems
    • Year: 2024

Agriculture 4.0 and beyond: Evaluating cyber threat intelligence sources and techniques in smart farming ecosystems

    • Authors: Hang Thanh Bui, Hamed Aboutorab, Arash Mahboubi, Yansong Gao, Nazatul Haque Sultan, Aufeef Chauhan, Mohammad Zavid Parvez, Michael Bewong, Rafiqul Islam, Zahid Islam, et al.
    • Journal: Computers & Security
    • Year: 2024

Designing a Security Platform for Collaborating Autonomous Systems-An Experience Report

    • Authors: Chauhan, M.A.; Babar, M.A.; Grainger, S.
    • Journal: Proceedings – 2021 IEEE 18th International Conference on Software Architecture Companion, ICSA-C 2021
    • Year: 2021

Architectural Design Space for Modelling and Simulation as a Service: A Review

    • Authors: Shahin, M.; Babar, M.A.; Chauhan, M.A.
    • Journal: Journal of Systems and Software
    • Year: 2020

A Reference Architecture for provisioning of Tools as a Service: Meta-model, Ontologies and Design Elements

    • Authors: Chauhan, M.A.; Babar, M.A.; Sheng, Q.Z.
    • Journal: Future Generation Computer Systems
    • Year: 2017
Aufeef Chauhan | Autonomous Systems and Cloud-edge Computing | Best Researcher Award

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