Mr. Yonatan Vexler, Educational Data Analysis, Best Researcher Award

Mr. Yonatan Vexler at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

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Yonatan Asher Vexler is a versatile educator and researcher with a background in physical education, dance, and language teaching. His extensive international experience includes teaching and research roles in China and Israel, specializing in dance education and sports history. He has published several peer-reviewed articles and holds multiple academic awards and scholarships.


Yonatan Asher Vexler’s academic journey is marked by a dedication to physical education and dance across international settings. He earned a B.Ed. in Physical Education from Qufu Teachers University in China, followed by an M.Sc. in Physical Education from Shanghai University of Sport, where his thesis explored the international dissemination of sports. He furthered his education with an M.A. in Education with honors from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on dance education and knowledge integration. His diverse educational background includes certifications in fitness training, Chinese martial arts, and language teaching, reflecting his commitment to interdisciplinary learning and cultural exchange.

💼 Professional Experience

Yonatan Asher Vexler brings a wealth of experience in education, sports, and cultural management. He has served as a dance instructor and martial arts teacher at institutions such as Qufu Teachers University in China and Israel College of Sports. His role as a research assistant at Shanghai University of Sport and Hebrew University of Jerusalem involved collaboration with esteemed professors in physical education and education departments. Yonatan has also founded and directed various cultural and educational initiatives, including the A-16 Israel Street Dance League and the Child of this Culture Foundation, demonstrating his leadership in promoting dance education and cultural exchange. His multidimensional career spans from teaching and research to cultural event coordination, making him a versatile figure in both academic and community-focused endeavors.

🔬 Research Interests

Yonatan Asher Vexler’s research interests revolve around the intersection of physical education, dance education, and cultural studies. His academic pursuits encompass exploring the history and global dissemination of sports, particularly through the lens of dance forms like breakdance. Yonatan is passionate about integrating diverse cultural perspectives into educational practices, aiming to enhance understanding and appreciation across communities. His scholarly contributions include publications on dance education methodologies and the cultural significance of sports, reflecting his commitment to bridging academic insights with practical applications in teaching and community engagement.

📖 Publication Top Noted

Breaking silos: the effectiveness of a knowledge integration approach for dance curricula

    • Authors: Vexler, Y.A., Merzel, A., Li, R.Z., Walter, M.
    • Journal: Research in Dance Education
    • Year: 2024

Technology teaching of college table tennis players based on virtual simulation technology

    • Authors: Yu, J., Vexler, Y.A., Li, R.
    • Journal: International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Education
    • Volume, Issue: 60(1_suppl)
    • Pages: 2365–2378
    • Year: 2023

“I’m trying to help”: How do mentors affect principals’ person–organization fit during organizational socialization?

    • Authors: Eyal, O., Wahrman, H., Vexler, Y.A., Schifter, R.
    • Journal: Educational Management Administration and Leadership
    • Year: 2023

Method over matter: a study of break dance headstand practice

    • Authors: Vexler, Y.A.
    • Journal: Research in Dance Education
    • Volume, Issue: 24(2)
    • Pages: 138–153
    • Year: 2023

Breaking for Gold: Another Crossroads in the Divergent History of this Dance

    • Authors: Li, R.Z., Vexler, Y.A.
    • Journal: International Journal of the History of Sport
    • Volume, Issue: 36(4-5)
    • Pages: 430–448
Yonatan Vexler | Educational Data Analysis | Best Researcher Award

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